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Vikram Mansharamani, Speaker
  • Managing Risk.
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  • Boom-Bust Dynamics.
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    Vikram Mansharamani

    The Power of Foxy Thinking, Yale Lecturer, Author: Boombustology


    Vikram Mansharamani is an experienced global equity investor and Lecturer at Yale University. Dr. Mansharamani teaches the seminar “Financial Booms & Busts” to Yale College undergraduates, an extremely popular course as indicated by student reviews and enrollment.

    He is also the author of BOOMBUSTOLOGY: Spotting Financial Bubbles Before They Burst and is a regular commentator in the financial media, having contributed to Bloomberg, MarketWatch, CNBC, Forbes, Fortune, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, Yale Global, The South China Morning Post, The Korea Times, The Khaleej Times, and The Daily Beast, among others.

    More people are “binge-watching” television. The stock price for auction house Sotheby’s is near an all-time high. 47 people own 29% of all bitcoins. So what?! Irrelevant information? Maybe . . . maybe not! In a complex world, being too focused can actually do us harm. To manage risk and spot trends, Vikram Mansharamani urges people to widen their view: “Information that looks irrelevant can lead you to a very different conclusion once you connect the dots,”.

    Dr. Mansharamani has been an active participant in the financial markets for the last 20 years. His Experience includes positions in management consulting, investment banking, and asset management. Analysis has been the focus of his professional endeavors and his current research interests include bubbles in both financial and non-financial markets, the unsustainable dynamics of food and fuel, and the relative value of experts and generalists in understanding complex problems.

    Dr. Mansharamani currently serves as chairman of the Torit Language Center Montessori school and is a member of the Board of Governors of the Association of Yale Alumni. He is a former director of the US-Pakistan Business Council, Interelate Inc, and Managed Ops Inc. He earned a PhD and MS from the Sloan School of Management at MIT, an MS in Political Science from MIT, and a BA from Yale University, where he was elected to Phi Beta Kappa and graduated with distinction.



    We live in a culture that places high value on deep expertise and specialized skills. But can expertise blind you into tunnel vision and single-mindedness? Vikram Mansharamani has scores of examples that shows it can. In a fast-paced world driven by complex and diverse factors, connecting the dots is often more important than developing the dots.Building on insights from the research he is conducting at Harvard, Mansharamani shows why generalists are better-suited to navigating uncertainty than specialists; he opens the minds in the audience with real tools to help people think beyond their area of expertise. Entertaining and empowering, with examples drawn from finance, politics, agriculture, medicine, and education, Mansharamani helps people manage risk and anticipate the future with intriguing specifics to convince the audience of the value of the generalist approach.


    Europe falling apart? China collapsing? Treasury bubble popping? Japan economic implosion? Social networking bubble? Alternative energy dynamics creating geopolitical unrest? Vikram Mansharamani applies his experience as a practitioner and an academic to help audiences navigate the seemingly unending cross-currents of global economic, financial and political developments. While audiences often find themselves agreeing with Mansharamani each step of the way, they’re frequently surprised by what turn out to be unconventional conclusions. He customizes the content of his talk to the audience using information that’s fresh and relevant.


    Food is emerging as one of the future’s most volatile assets. Shifting political, economic, climatic and societal change all factor into the equation. Vikram Mansharamani applies his multi-lens bubble-spotting approach to the key drivers of food prices in a global marketplace. He suggests that the era of cheap food is over and describes the geopolitical and geo-economic ramifications of such developments – from Wall Street to Pudong. Audiences leave understanding the dynamics of land grabs, water scarcity, and the implications of food (in)security for national defense as well appreciating how food-price dynamics will affect their industry – however remote from the food industry it may be.


    In a globally dynamic environment, boom and bust cycles occur more frequently than in the past. It seems there’s always something that has reached unsustainable levels. The trick, of course, is recognizing it and taking action before the bubble bursts. In direct contrast to the views espoused by most academics, Vikram Mansharamani makes a persuasive case that it is possible to identify financial (and other) bubbles before they burst. He draws on entertaining and engaging examples from art markets, architecture, and popular culture – as well as economics and politics – to powerfully demonstrate that you do not need to be an expert to effectively anticipate the future. Audiences walk away empowered to think independently and to connect obvious dots to generate not-so-obvious conclusions.



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