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Ha-Joon Chang, Speaker
  • Foreign Investment.
  • Intellectual Property.
  • Economic Development.
  • Trade and Industrial Policies.
  • Economic Perspectives (Asia).

    Ha-Joon Chang

    Leading Authority on Development Economics


    Ha-Joon Chang, Professor at the University of Cambridge since 1990, lectures in the Economics of Development and is a regular contributor to The Guardian since the onset of the financial crisis in 2008.

    Professor Chang sits on the policy advisory council of the U.K-based Institute for Public Policy Research, is a senior research associate of the U.S-based Center for Economic and Policy Research, and serves on the editorial board of the Cambridge Journal of Economics since 1992.

    He has worked as a consultant for numerous international organizations, including various United Nations agencies, the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the European Investment Bank, and for a number of governments such as those of Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Ecuador, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Namibia, Singapore, South Africa, the U.K, Venezuela, and Vietnam.

    He has edited or co-edited 10 books and authored or co-authored 14 books to date, including "The Political Economy of Industrial Policy" (1994), "Kicking Away the Ladder: Development Strategy in Historical Perspective" (2002), "Bad Samaritans: Rich Nations, Poor Policies, and the Threat to the Developing World" (2007), and "23 Things They Don't Tell You about Capitalism" (2010).

    He has also published numerous articles in journals such as International Organization, World Development, Cambridge Journal of Economics, European Journal of Development Research, Journal of Development Studies, Journal of Institutional Economics, Journal of Peasant Studies, and the Journal of Post-Keynesian Economics on issues such as globalization, development, trade and industrial policies, East Asian economies, international migration, and agricultural policy.

    He is the winner of the 2003 Myrdal Prize, awarded to his book "Kicking Away the Ladder" by the European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy, and the winner of the 2005 Leontief Prize for "advancing the frontiers of economic thought", awarded by Tufts University; previous winners of the prize include John Galbraith, Albert Hirschman, and Nobel Laureates Amartya Sen and Daniel Kahnemann.

    Ha-Joon Chang holds a B.A from Seoul National University, a master's degree and a Ph.D in Economics from the University of Cambridge. He is known to be an important academic influence on the economist Rafael Correa, current President of Ecuador.


    Bad Samaritans 23 Things They Don't Tell You about Capitalism


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