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Nicolás Reyes, Speaker
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    Nicolás Reyes

    Understanding the secret of those who stand out in the workplace was the obsession for Nicolas Reyes over his sixteen years at Microsoft.


    “I was always analyzing the behavior of people around me; I concluded that the most effective ones were those who achieved their goals accepting with enthusiasm, the help of others. Those who knew how to inspire and treat others”.

    Nicolas is a great Storyteller. Although his successful experience in one of the most well known companies in the world (Microsoft), he never lost the perspective of seeking inside the human been behind every great leader. After years of research and understanding, he found greatness as de common factor. "In the pursuit for excellence I asked an executive, what is the secret to win over people? And he answered: Behave like an animal. I immediately imagined a fight between two gorillas. With time, I realized that he meant the greatness behave inside the animals, their way in leadership, taking challenges, self confidence, vision, flexibility and passion.

    Nicolas Reyes found a way to realize his dream by bringing Dale Carnegie Training to Latin America, an organization with an experience of over one hundred years, in performance though interpersonal relationships, effective communication and attitude.


    Behave like an animal

    Highly successful inspirational talk that summerizes the process of empowertment that allows us to presue our dreams, lead the destiny of our organizations and our lives. It is a compilation of stories, analogies and lessons that we can learn from animals to live a more intentional , balanced and passionate life.

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