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Eduardo Massé, Speaker
  • Neuro Leadership
  • The Science of Welfare
  • Motivation
  • Teamwork
  • Productivity and high performance
  • Millennials
  • Balance between life and work

    Eduardo Massé

    CEO of BIT WORK, a leading authority of the Applied Science of Integral Well-Being and Happiness in Latin America


    Eduardo Massé, Peruvian-Canadian, is a professional of immense prestige, that has more than 25 years of experience. Authority at the Latin American level in the Applied Science of Integral Well-being and Happiness and its applications in the personal and business world.

    He worked 7 years, alongside Anthony Robbins amplifying his passion and experience as a coach in human development. For almost a decade he worked as a Director of the LATAM Division for the North American group HAMIL in charge of development and growth in countries like Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Venezuela.

    He studied Marketing at La Salle College and a master in Positive Psychology and Leadership under the title of HAPPINESS’s world ambassador, Harvard’s distinguished professor, Tal Ben-Shahar.

    In 2004, he began a project in Montreal, HOPE IN A BOTTLE. The first natural bottled water brand in Canada, with the aim of educating and the prevention of breast cancer. A project that led him to collaborate directly with former President Bill Clinton And the Susan G Kohen Foundation in the USA.

    In the USA, he co-directed the PORTAL program, as a specialist in BIENESTAR INTEGRAL, broadcasted in cities such as Miami, New York, New Jersey, Atlanta, LA, San Antonio, Las Vegas, Fenix, San Antonio, Laredo and Chicago. He writes articles that are published and serve as references in prestigious news media and businesses such as Forbes and the newspaper El Financiero de México.

    As a lecturer at the international level, he has participated in WOBI (2014, 2015 and 2016), TED, the 2016 Neuro Leadership Summit and World Happiness Summit 2017. As a researcher, he actively contributes research projects and publications to institutions such as Oxford Neuroscience, American Clinical Neurophysiology Society, British Science Association, Neura Australia, Melbourne Neuroscience Institute and the Inamori Foundation in Japan.

    He is the CEO of BIT WORK, an organization that focuses on the application of the Science of Well-being and the advances of Neuroscience. Created to bringing solutions and programs in order to help companies in matters of leadership, happiness and organizational culture management, through the programs: BIT WORK ELITE, PROGRAM PILLARS AND PILLARS ONE. He is the co-founder of the Latin American Positive Psychology Association (LAPPA) an organization that aims to bring the latest advances in the science of happiness through EDUCATEMIA with online programs Grow and Share and The 9 Transformations online.


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