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Carl Bernstein, Speaker
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    Carl Bernstein

    Pulitzer Prize Author and Journalist


    Over the course of his 30-year career, Carl Bernstein has won virtually every prize in journalism, including (with Bob Woodward) the Pulitzer awarded to The Washington Post for its Watergate coverage.

    Always a principled voice of our time, he once again challenges current events with his new book, "A Woman in Charge: the life of Hillary Rodham Clinton". Much anticipated, it promises to be his biggest blockbuster since his award-winning best-seller "All the President's Men" on the Watergate scandal.

    After "All the President's Men" was made into a hit movie, Bernstein followed up with another best-selling book, "The Final Days", on the end of the Nixon Administration. This work helped to change journalism and created the era of the investigative reporter.

    Bernstein is renowned as a dogged, resourceful investigative reporter, but no muckraker. He presents an honest, balanced, and complete picture of his subject devoid of personal ideology. He is highly critical of the current journalistic trend driven by consolidation of media, increasing corporate pressure for higher profitability, sensationalism and decreasing coverage of important issues that lack depth and substance.

    Bernstein delivers that substance, and penetrating analysis, with passion and humor and challenges his audiences to become media savvy, better informed, and more active citizens.


    The Final Days The Secret Man
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