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Authority on Sales Effectiveness

Neil Rackham is world-renowned writer and seminal thinker on sales and marketing issues, gaining international recognition when he led the largest ever research study on sales effectiveness.

This massive project, supported by major multinationals including Xerox and IBM, involved a team of 30 researchers who studied 35.000 sales calls in over 20 countries. From the results of these studies he published "Major Account Sales Strategy" and the groundbreaking classic "SPIN Selling", publisher McGraw Hill's best-selling business book ever.

His recent book "Rethinking the Sales Force" has received wide acclaim from critics, academics and salespeople, and is required reading at many leading business schools. Other books include "Managing Major Sales" and "Getting Partnering Right". His works regularly rank among business best-sellers and have been published in over 50 languages.

He has worked closely with many leading sales forces such as IBM, Xerox, AT&T and Citicorp. He has also worked extensively with senior partners in some of the world's most successful professional services organizations including McKinsey & Company, where he was for many years a member of the Sales and Channel Management Group. He has been Chairman and CEO of three international research and consulting firms.

He is widely recognized as a highly original and creative trainer and communicator. He has been an advisor on sales performance to several of the Fortune 100 largest companies in the U.S, and more than half Fortune 500 companies train their salespeople using sales models derived from his research. His work in sales training won him the Instructional Systems Association lifetime award for Innovation in Training and Instruction.

Neil Rackham is a sought after speaker who receives top reviews from participants for his capacity to take complex issues and make them accessible and interesting. He uses a combination of humor, passion and group interaction to stimulate and challenge his audiences.

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