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Garr Reynolds, Speaker
  • Communication.
  • Customer Loyalty.
  • Marketing and Branding.
  • Multimedia Presentation Design.

    Garr Reynolds

    Apple's Guru on Customer Loyalty


    Reynolds is the former Manager of Worldwide User Group Relations at Apple Computer, traveling extensively delivering presentations and software demos to Apple's most loyal customers.

    Apple's installed customer base consists of the most sophisticated and loyal customers a company could dream of. The only company which has a similar kind of loyal, informed, and fanatical user base is Harley Davidson.

    While at Apple he worked closely with user groups, and had a great time helping out events such as You Dont Know Mac (Oregon) and the Mac Computer Expo (California). Before joining Apple, he worked for most of the 90s at the head office of Sumitomo Electric Industries in Osaka.

    He is currently Associate Professor of Management at Kansai Gaidai University where he teaches Marketing, Global Marketing and Multimedia Presentation Design. He is active in the Japanese community and can often be found presenting on subjects concerning design, branding, and effective corporate communications.

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