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Successful, five-time entrepreneur, professor of innovation and social media, author, and founder of Ubercool Innovation - an innovation consultancy and incubator

  • Michael Tchong is a leading trend forecaster, named "the most influential trendspotter in America" by the UK's Telegraph, based on his identification of massive waves, called "Ubertrends," which are reshaping society
  • He takes audiences on a spellbinding, roller-coaster ride through the "landscape of now," helping attendees develop better trend identification skills plus the ability to more accurately predict future customer behavior
  • An adjunct professor of innovation at the University of San Francisco, Michael's talks focus on "orthogonal innovation" — looking at challenges differently, so clients can progress more quickly toward innovation success
  • The founder of Ubercool Innovation, a Las Vegas-based incubator, Michael transfers that experience to inspire and motivate attendees by challenging their creativity and inventiveness
  • His incisive talks showcase innovative brands, products and services that leverage Ubertrends to alter the competitive landscape, helping foster a new culture of innovation
  • Always pushing the innovation envelope, Michael is a leading advocate of better tools and superior customer experiences. His talks often include reviews of innovative digital tools that offer a competitive benefit
  • The rapid growth of social marketing and technology around the globe has made Michael a sought-after catalyst to advance both ecosystems. Leverage his expertise to improve your social media engagement

Michael is a top-rated, innovation and trends speaker who has addressed tens of thousands of attendees at gatherings around the world, inspiring them with remarkable insights into changing consumer and business trends.

He’s an expert on disruptions that reinvent markets, in particular social media, technology and marketing trends and innovations that are reshaping our world. His trademark motto is, “I help you catch the next wave before it catches you.”

Michael takes audiences on his trademark “roller-coaster ride through the landscape of now,” during which he showcases innovative brands, ideas and products that leverage “Ubertrend” waves to alter the global landscape.

His incisive people-watching skills have lead to adjunct professorships of innovation and social media at the University of San Francisco and UC Berkeley, where he teaches the anthropological framework of the eight Ubertrends he tracks.

Ubertrends are massive waves that cascade through society leaving many subtrends in their wake, and they provide telltale signs for helping decode the future. His unique skills as a futurist lead the U.K.’s Daily Telegraph to label Michael “America’s most influential trend-spotter.”

Michael is a catalyst who inspires and motivates attendees by challenging their creativity and inventiveness. His informative yet entertaining style fuses the emotional and rational brain to help foster a new culture of innovation.

He has appeared in numerous publications and TV shows, including Access Hollywood, Ad Age, Bloomberg TV, BusinessWeek, CNET, CNN, The Independent (U.K.), The New York Times, PBS, San Francisco Chronicle, San Jose Mercury-News, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and Wired.

A successful four-time entrepreneur, Michael is the founder of four innovative startups, MacWEEK, Atelier Systems, CyberAtlas and ICONOCAST, each an ahead-of-the-wave innovators that helped pioneer such markets as desktop publishing, CRM, internet research and digital marketing.

Michael is the founder of Ubercool Innovation, a consultancy and incubator, and is currently writing his third book, “Ubertrends — How Trends And Innovation Are Transforming Our Future,” to be published in 2018.

  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Future Trends
  • Online Marketing
  • Information Technology
  • Digital Lifestyle
  • Social engagement marketing

Standard Presentation

Analysis of three Ubertrends: Digital Lifestyle, Time Compression and Unwired. Includes customized "Thought Starters" and a showcase of industry innovations. Duration: One hour

Keynote Presentation

Designed for specific industries, requiring research and delivery of a custom presentation, including preliminary teleconference and/or on-site meeting. Duration: 60-90 minutes + Q&A


Applying Ubertrends and innovation brain-writing in real-world scenarios. Includes in-depth, industry-specific trend analysis, plus customized workshop tools. The innovation workshop's overall objective is to help attendees spot emerging trends, grasp major market forces that offer opportunities to create disruptive innovations, and create innovation practices that lead to breakthroughs within their organization. Duration: 2.5 to four-hour sessions


Disruption: How Ubertrends Change Values and Reshape Innovation

Massive waves pound the shores of society, irreversibly altering its landscape. Dubbed "Ubertrends" and carrying such monikers as Digital Lifestyle and Unwired, these tsunamis are leading to tectonic value changes among businesses and consumers. Ubertrends are the driving forces behind warp-speed technological advancements and perplexing consumer behavior, and play a key role in transforming our future.

In an exhilarating ride through the landscape of now, Silicon Valley insider Michael Tchong paints a riveting tableau of a world reshaped by these powerful phenomena and how Ubertrends inspire disruptive innovations in automotive, hospitality, retail and travel. You'll be spellbound by Michael's uncanny insights plus actionable thought starters, including his deft portrayal of the most remarkable Ubertrend of all, Time Compression -- The Acceleration of Life.

Executives and professionals alike realize that relentless innovation is key to financial success. Why is innovating mission-critical? As Microsoft Co-Founder Bill Gates puts it, "innovation fundamentally shifts the trajectory of development." And as Ubertrends cascade through society leaving many subtrends in their wake, they not only reshape human behavior but also open the door for many breakthroughs.

Michael has been a leading trend forecaster for decades. He regularly speaks at leading industry and C-suite events around the world. Michael is the Founder and Publisher of Ziff-Davis’ MacWEEK. He is an Adjunct Professor of Innovation and Social Media at the University of San Francisco and UC Berkeley, and is writing his third book, Ubertrends — How Trends And Innovation Are Transforming Our Future, which will be published in 2018. He maintains a blog at

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