Consultant, op-ed columnist, speaker and author of "Adaptive Capacity: How organizations can thrive in a changing world"

Professor of Management Practce at the Business School of Adolfo Ibáñez University and founding director of the Center for Leadership and Adaptaton. Lawyer from Universidad Católica de Chile and Master in Public Policy and post certficate in Leadership from Harvard University.

Founder and principal partner of CLA Consultng, an internatonal top management consulting firm, specialized in leadership and organizatonal change, with an extensive experience in companies and insttutons in Latn America.

He is also the author of the acclaimed book Adaptve Capacity, a columnist of El Mercurio newspaper in Chile, internatonal keynote speaker, and member of the network Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum.


As founder and director of the Center for Leadership and Adaptaton he has spread a new outlook on leadership that has been used with great success in postgraduate programs and executve courses in different countries in Latn America, being recognized in many occasions for his teaching ability. The Center has also served as a platorm to reunite an internatonal community of professors and practtoners commited to social progress.

As author, he has writen numerous papers and case studies. His book "Adaptve Capacity", published in 2014 in the United States and translated into Spanish in 2015, with a second editon in 2016, has received internatonal distnctons and is used as a mandatory text in several business schools in Latin America.

As internatonal speaker, he has been invited to forums in more than 15 countries in Latn America, Europe, United States, and Australia, in topics related to leadership, social change and organizatonal adaptaton.

As opinion maker, he is a columnist for El Mercurio newspaper and an actve partcipant in debates in the media, having been a panelist on the main television program on politcal analysis in Chile, Tolerancia Cero.

As member of the Young Global Leaders internatonal network of the World Economic Forum, which brings together the main leaders under the age of 40 in the world, and for which he was elected in 2006, he has partcipated in various internatonal forums and initatves aimed at generatng progress in global and systemic issues, co-founding, in additon, the Network of Leaders of El Mercurio and the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, which brings together a thousand leaders under the age of 35 in Chile.

As founder and principal partner of CLA Consultng, an internatonal top management consultng firm specialized in leadership and organizatonal change, he has worked with companies in Latn America such as: Banco Itaú, Salfa, Walmart, Telefonica, Empresas Copec, P & O Nedlloyd, Oracle, Empresas CMPC, ING, Cencosud, Chilquinta, Anglo American, Emel, Agrosuper, Consalud, Komatsu, Mapfre, Coopeuch, SMU, Santander Bank, Endesa, Procter & Gamble, Kimberly Clark, General Motors, Codelco, Sura, Citbank, Bayersdorf, Bagó Laboratories, CPFL, Serasa -Experian, BancoEstado, MetLife, Aguas Andinas, Grupo Peñaflor, ISA, Grupo Romero, Bata, Minera El Tesoro, Antofagasta Minerals, Ernst & Young, Escondida Minera, Clínica Alemana, Ditec Automóviles, Pucobre, Mutual de Seguridad, Corpbanca, among others. In additon, he has been a consultant for the Inter-American Development Bank and various public agencies in the Government of Chile.

  • Global changes and their impact in organizatons

  • Adaptve capacity

  • Creatve cultures

  • The transformatve power of companies

  • High performance team

  • Innovation

  • Leadership and Change

  • Re-imagining the place of work

  • Digital transformaton

Adaptive Capacity: How organizations can thrive in a changing world

In today's business world, change of many kinds—technological, economic, social, and environmental—is outpacing the ability of organizations to predict it and manage it. As a result, the single most important capacity any company can develop is the power to adapt to change, and to do so rapidly, intelligently, and effectively. In ADAPTIVE CAPACITY: How Organizations Can Thrive in a Changing World, Juan Carlos Eichholz—business consultant and acclaimed professor—offers a compelling analysis of the adaptive challenge and a set of practical tools any leader can use to improve an organization's ability to adapt.

Eichholz examines the five crucial dimensions across which a company must improve its adaptive capacity—purpose, strategy, structure, culture, and talent. His insights are brought to life through vivid examples involving organizations ranging from HP and Google to Telefonica and the US Marines. Readers will develop a new appreciation for this most crucial aspect of contemporary leadership as well as a host of ideas they can begin using immediately to thrive in a changing world.