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World-Leading Expert on Customer Experience

Joseph Pine is co-founder of Strategic Horizons, a thinking studio dedicated to helping businesses conceive and design new ways of adding value to their economic offerings.

Tom Peters rightly called Pine and Jim Gilmore's book "The Experience Economy" a "brilliant, absolutely original book." Now published in eleven languages, it continues to find new readers across myriad industries as businesses find their goods and services commoditized and customers increasingly spending their time and money on experiences-memorable events that engage them in an inherently personal way.

Pine and Gilmore's most recent book, "Authenticity: What Consumers Really Want", contends that businesses must learn to manage authenticity as a distinct business discipline. Indeed, in an ever more commercialized, intentionally staged, and technologically mediated world, people today want the real from the genuine - not the fake from some phony.

Time magazine dubbed the core of Pine and Gilmore's thinking as "synthetic authenticity" and included it among its covers story featuring "ten ideas that are changing the world". He is frequently quoted in Forbes Magazine, The New York Times, Wired, Business 2.0, USA Today, Investor's Business Daily, ABC News, Good Morning America, Fortune, BusinessWeek and Industry Week, among others.

Pine is a visiting scholar at the MIT's Design Lab, member of the editorial boards of Strategy & Leadership and Strategic Direction, honorary editor of the International Journal of Mass Customization, and senior fellow at both the Design Futures Council and the European Centre for the Experience Economy - which he co-founded.

Joe Pine has written numerous articles for the Harvard Business Review, The Wall Street Journal, Chief Executive, Worldlink, Strategy & Leadership and the IBM Systems Journal, among many others. He used to teach at Penn State, Duke Corporate Education, the University of Minnesota, UCLA's Anderson Graduate School of Management, and the Harvard Design School.

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The Authenticity Imperative

In a world filled with ever more mediated and staged experiences, consumers are now making decisions based on how real they perceive various offerings to be. As a result, enterprises must become adept at rendering authenticity. Finding ways to tap into this emerging sensibility will become essential for success in the years and decades to come. These new ideas will truly help businesses discover who and what they are.

Welcome to the Experience Economy

A fundamental shift is occurring in the very fabric of our economy. Today, what people desire are neither goods nor services, but something very different in kind - namely experiences that engage them in a personal and memorable way. Such experiences will increasingly command a premium fee and provide the basis for generating new revenue growth in for individual businesses and overall prosperity for both advanced and developing nations.

The Experience IS the Marketing

An unblushing look at the failure of traditional marketing and what will replace it. Joe will share real-world examples, unveil his insightful Location Hierarchy Model, and make the case for the emergence of a new executive - the Chief eXperience Officer (CXO).

Understanding Customer Sacrifice

Customer Sacrifice is the gap between what customers settle for and what they want exactly. Joe will detail his model for rethinking the traditional metric of customer satisfaction and help the audience discover hidden opportunities for innovation and differentiation.

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