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Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker, combines International Music, Comedy, & Life-Changing Message

Jason Hewlett, CSP, CPAE, was inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame in 2016, becoming one of the youngest ever to receive such an honor. Having presented to over 2,000 audiences worldwide, Jason’s combination of Award-Winning Speaking and World Class Entertainment makes him a favorite among peers as well as the largest corporate events on earth.

Jason is a member of the National Speaker’s Association, and was awarded the Certified Speaking Professional in 2014, of which only 5% of speakers receive, for his hilarious, entertaining, and inspiring Keynote Speaking. He also acts as Master of Ceremonies for the most important events in America. Jason is considered the answer to hosting and performing a flawless event.

His message entitled “The Promise: The 3 Commitments of the Engagement Experience” intertwine practical business values with life-changing personal paradigms, in a presentation that transforms the way Leaders engage with Employees, Employees engage with Customers, and Mission Statements are upheld as advertised.

Using his unique gifts as a master storyteller, innovative creator, and Las Vegas proven performer, Jason’s music, comedy, impressions, and facial expressions translate into laughs and heartfelt messaging for audiences of any language or background.

Author of the book, “Signature Moves: How To Stand Out in a Sit Down World”, Jason’s drive is to spread joy through the world with family appropriate entertainment for all ages, presentations of the highest degree, and challenging all of us to share our amazing gifts one person at a time.

Take Award-Winning Las Vegas Entertainment, combined with Award-Winning Business Speaking, content that connects, take-aways that stay, comedy that kills, music you love, characters & impressions that entertain & educate, and you have the most extraordinary Keynote Speaker Experience in the World in Jason Hewlett.

Jason shares powerful business stories, impressions, and life-lessons based on The Three Commitments:

  • The Audience
  • The Family
  • The One

Jason’s hobbies include mountain climbing, writing music, playing with his kids, and staring at his wife. His greatest accomplishments are within the walls of his home, family, and faith. He is a husband to the most beautiful woman in the world, Tami, and has 4 incredible young children who serve as his inspiration and help deliver material for his show. Jason is a homeschooling Dad, which is his life’s most important work. As a family the Hewlett’s donate over 20 hours per month in community service, volunteering, mentoring, outreach, and philanthropy to worthy causes in their home state of Utah.

  • Motivation

  • Entertainment Show

  • Emcee & Host

  • Engagement

  • Leadership

  • Humor

It’s All About The Engagement Experience.

Are your people 100% engaged with the customer, the team, and your mission? Engagement is the essence of an incredible life and business experience, yet we are often disconnected to being fully present with the most essential people: The Audience, The Family, The One.

Thrilled clients worldwide have raved how The Promise has reminded them, via a most unique journey with popular music, comedy, characters, and impressions that are uncanny, stories that lift our spirits, that we all have a responsibility and opportunity to be fully committed to the mission of the company. When entertainment opens the heart to learning and eventually action, employees and audiences experience regenerated excitement for their careers, passion, commitment, and the most important financial returns businesses seek are fulfilled.

Jim Carrey, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Louie Armstrong, Nat King Cole, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Wonder, Ricky Martin, Cat Stevens, The Temptations, U2, Guns n’ Roses, Coldplay, and Alvin & The Chipmunks are just a few of the performers to take the stage during the unforgettable one-man show of Jason Hewlett, The Entertainer.


“The Promise: The 3 Commitments of the Engagement Experience”

Why set a Goal when you can make a Promise? The Promise is the highest level of engagement we commit to in any professional or personal experience. Are you a Promise Keeper or Promise Breaker?

In business, as in life, we hold ourselves to the highest standard when we engage 100% in being present, committing to over-deliver, and transforming our own lives as consistently congruent between business and home.

  • Leaders Engage at the Highest Level
  • Employees Validate the Mission Statement
  • The Promise is kept in every aspect of business and personal life: The Audience, The Family, The One
  • WARNING: This Keynote and Message will change your company culture and personal mantras

“Signature Moves: How To Stand Out in a Sit Down World”

Teamwork, Creativity, Productivity, Capability, Hilarious

“Head To Heart”

Sales, Management, Change, Potential, Interactive, Fun