Creator of Personal SWOT TM , expert in boosting High-Performance attitudes and accelerating people


Lluis Soldevila i Vilasis is a Senior Engineer in Computer Science from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and graduated in the IESE- University of Navarra.

He has developed most of his professional career in the Deutsche Bank group holding different officer positions in 7 countries in Europe and the Americas. His last professional assignment consisted in opening the technological subsidiary of the group in New York.

Soldevila is a professor in the ESADE’s Department of Operations, Innovation and Data Science since 1999, and he also collaborates with other universities such as the University of Barcelona, La Salle Business School, EAE, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Online Business School, and Toulouse Business School.

As creator of Personal SWOTTM, he combines university teaching with his work as consultant, trainer and international lecturer in the fields of Management Skills and High-Performance Attitudes.

He is author of the book The Three A’s in Success and collaborates with different media such as TV3 (Te-nim un pla), 8TV (Migdia) and RAC1 (El mon).

  • Leadership

  • Change

  • High Performance

  • Teamwork

  • Sales

  • Digital Thinking

The Law of Action:

Focused on defining, realizing and achieving goals and maximizing people and teams’ performance by implementing the three A’s method::

  • Self-Knowledge
  • Attitude
  • Action

How to maximize Performance Management Skills: Training on those key skills at management level to improve results and achieve the team and company’s goals.

High-Performance Attitudes: Training actions where inborn and acquired skills are developed, with special focus on confidence and the power of attitude.

Based on customization and efficiency criteria and with goals previously defined, this training activity is focused on the individual. Training improvement of individuals will lead to the improvement of teams they manage and where they participate, resulting in the transformation required to improve the company’s results.

Digital Thinking for Sales Teams

This keynote seeks to transform sales agents into Digital Sellers, based on the 10 key keys to lead the Digital Transformation. This proposal focuses on placing sales teams in the face of the current VUCA paradigm. This concept was forged in the nineties by American soldiers and responds to the English acronym: Volatility (V), Uncertatinty (U), Complexity (C) and Ambiguity (A). And in the face of this challenge, the only possible way out is to leverage on the 10 chromosomes of the Digital Leader, in order to address volatility with a correct vision of the future (V), face uncertainty with knowledge, training, constant updating, it is definitive with understanding (U), provide clarity, and simplicity in the execution of tasks and actions within the organization (C) and finally end the ambiguity with agility, with a rapid ability to react to unforeseen events that occur and that attempt against the strategic planning of the organization (A).

Sales Success

“It is your ATTITUDE , not your APTITUDE , that ultimately determines your ALTITUDE”.

This motivational and explosive lecture seeks to boost sales teams through training on the Action-oriented Attitude as enhancer element of Aptitudes.

Usually, these teams have wide knowledge on sales techniques in general, as well as on the product or service to be sold. Nevertheless, with training on ATTITUDES, we will be able to reach a more successful dimension: ALTITUDE.

Personal SWOT: How to Reach Goals

A tool to define and position the strategy and action. Its efficiency is proven by examples such as Apple, among others, which used the SWOT to transform the iPhone in what it is now. “Taking 162 Master Degree student as sample, I developed a methodology to implement the SWOT technique at personal level. This has already been used by more than 1,000 participants in my seminars.” By complementing the results of the Personal SWOTTM with other techniques such as the Goal Theory, the Porter’s models or the four P’s of Marketing, we may undoubtedly reach higher levels of success.

Digital Leadership

According to Google, interest in "digital transformation" has increased by 2000% in the last four years. The concept is not new, since its massive application in the companies around the seventies, the information systems have had the mission of transforming business processes. Due to its exponential nature, the impact of this transformation is so high today that there is no company that does not address this issue. And while the focus is on technology and processes, on products and customers, a very important aspect is often neglected: its impact on leadership.

Today's world is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous, that is a VUCA world (for its acronym: volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity). This term has been adopted by leaders from all sectors to describe the nature of the new scenario in which they operate. We are used to simplify complexity through standards, patterns and good practices. We try to work with absolute, clear and quantifiable data to make decisions. Previously, when there was chaos and volatility, we tried to create order, but now we have to get used to living in the VUCA world. How will we do it?.

The answer is by identifying the traits of the digital leader that allows us to take this leap. Digital leadership requires a change of mindset. While the digital transformation is mainly focused on processes and technology, the key is to convert our mindset into a digital one.

Customized format contents:


  • Day (Half day/ full day): A meeting gathering different formats and dynamics.
  • Lecture (2 h. approx.): Information speech on a topic.
  • Seminar (Min. 2 h.): Activity that develops a topic in depth.
  • Agitation (Max. 2 h.): High-intensity sessions that cause rapid changes.
  • Pill (2 h. approx.): Teaching unit focused on a skill.
  • Workshop (2 - 3 h.): Activities based on knowledge and life experience of the participant.
  • Travels From: Barcelona, ESP

  • Fee Range: USD 10.000 to USD 15.000