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Santiago Bilinkis, Speaker
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    Santiago Bilinkis

    Entrepreneur and Technology Expert


    Santiago Bilinkis, entrepreneur and Argentine futurist. Former CEO and co-founder of Officenet, the largest office supply company in Argentina and Brazil, which Staples acquired some years ago. 

    He is also co- founder of numerous companies and an active member of several civil society organizations. He is the author of  the "Risk and Reward" blog, a widely-read blog about entrepreneurship in Latin America, and writes a column for “Basta de Todo," one of the most popular radio programs in Argentina. Additionally, he regularly writes for numerous magazines and newspapers.

    In 2010, he was selected to attend Singularity University (USA), where he learned about cutting-edge technology issues such as artificial intelligence, robotics, biotechnology and nanotechnology.

    Now Santiago Bilinkis dedicates his time to popularizing science through lectures and presentations.


    The future of the future

    To compare a person who lived 5,000 years ago with a contemporary person, one would think the difference would be extreme. The reality is that such a difference will be nothing compared to what artificial intelligence, robotics, and biotechnology will bring in the coming years when compared to people of today. Humanity will experience more changes in the next 50 years than the changes it saw from 5,000 years ago to today.


    The Southern Tiger


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