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  • Execution.
  • Strategy.
  • Innovation.
  • Fewer Bigger Bolder: From Mindless Expansion to Focused Growth.
  • Blank Checks: Unleashing the Potential of People.
  • Winning in Emerging Markets.
  • Building Global Brands with Soul.
  • Building a Winning Team.

    Sanjay Khosla

    Best-selling author who transformed Kraft Developing Markets from revenues of $5 billion to $16 billion in 6 years


    Sanjay Khosla is a Senior Fellow at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern Uni-versity and a Senior Advisor at Boston Consulting Group.

    Sanjay was President, Developing Markets at Kraft Foods (now Mondelez International) from January 2007 to March 2013, responsible for 65,000 people in over 60 countries and iconic brands like Cadbury, Oreo, Milka, Trident.

    During his tenure, Sanjay:

    • Transformed the business from $5 Billion to $16 Billion in 6 years (doubled the busi-ness organically) while dramatically improving profitability and cash flow.
    • Transformed brands like Oreo from $200 million to a $1 Billion and Tang from $500 million to $1 Billion in 5 years in developing markets.
    • Helped spearhead and successfully integrate the acquisition of Cadbury (bought for $20 Billion) and Danone biscuits (bought for $7.8 Billion).

    Before joining Kraft Foods, Sanjay turned around the $3 Billion consumer business of Fon-terra, a global dairy company based in New Zealand. Prior to his tenure at Fonterra, San-jay enjoyed a successful 27-year career with Unilever based in the UK, Europe and India. Sanjay implemented a bold programme (Paint the World Yellow with Lipton) as Chairman of the Global Category Board for Unilever Beverages. Sanjay also created the Wheel de-tergents business in India, which is one of Unilever’s largest brands in India.

    Sanjay is on the board of Zoetis Inc. (previously Pfizer Animal Health), NIIT Ltd and Iconix Brand Group. Khosla was previously on the board of Best Buy Inc., Big Heart Pet Brands (previously Del Monte) and Hindustan Unilever. He was co-chair of the Nestle/Fonterra joint venture for the Americas and on the board of the Lipton /Pepsi joint venture.

    Sanjay has lectured extensively at Universities in the U.S. and in forums such as the Econ-omist conference in London and Davos.

    Sanjay authored a book, Fewer Bigger Bolder, with Professor Mohan Sawhney. The book discusses Focus7, a proven framework for achieving sustained profitable growth.


    Delivering Business Growth: An actionable framework

    Contrary to the traditional view that more activity — launching new products, entering new markets, acquiring other companies and such — leads to more revenues and profit, the experts who developed and lead this program have shown that growth comes from doing less and being more focused.

    Grounded in the principle that the growth agenda is 10 percent strategy and 90 percent execution, they offer an actionable, execution-focused blueprint for unlocking sustainable, profitable organic growth on a global scale, one that has resulted in sustained double-digit growth in revenues and margins for major global brands. With its emphasis on execution, you’ll leave this program with a tailored, actionable agenda for driving growth at your com-pany.

    Fewer Bigger Bolder - From Mindless Expansion to Focused Growth

    In today’s digital and global world, many companies spread themselves thin by going for more – more products, more categories, and more markets. This session explores Focus7, a proven 7-step framework, for developing a profitable growth strategy by doing fewer things bigger and bolder. The framework is applicable across industry, geography and in-dependent of level in the organization.

    Blank Checks: Unleashing the Potential of People

    This session explores how to attract, retain and inspire talent while increasing accountabil-ity. It explores a mechanism of giving teams blank checks - unlimited freedom within a framework to inspire creativity and making things happen within tight deadlines.

    Unleashing growth at the Bottom of the pyramid

    There is a huge growth opportunity at the bottom of the pyramid, where traditional business models may not succeed. This session explores how to innovate in marketing and business models to ensure profitable growth.

    Evolution of Global Business Models

    This case explores the development of a new growth strategy for one of the world’s best known brands, Lipton Tea. Lipton launched a new strategy to “paint the world yellow” in an audacious attempt to significantly grow this very established brand. The discussion ex-plores the sustainability of the new strategy, addresses question of the evolution of the Lip-ton brand, and the possibility of partnership.

    Case: Malnight, Thomas W., “Blueprint for a Lipton Yellow World (A),” International Institute for Management Development (IIMD), Switzerland.

    Building a Winning Team !

    This session explores on how to build an interdependent winning team using diversity of skills as a competitive advantage. It covers lessons on why some teams fail even when members are individually brilliant. It discusses how successful organizations celebrate not only successes, but also failures. The approach is applicable across industries, levels in the organization, and geography.

    How do you measure performance and inspire through storytelling?

    This session explores how to keep objectives and performance metrics simple and aligned with a focused business strategy. It also discussed how successful businesses use story-telling to inspire, motivate, and retain talent.

    David vs. Goliath: What do you do when there is a market disruption?

    This session covers how traditional businesses react when there is a market disruption. It discusses lessons from different industries and how very often you have to reinvent your own business while building on relevant strengths from the past. It covers the importance of strategic agility in today’s fast changing digitized world.

    Execution: How to make things happen

    Success is 10% strategy and 90% execution. Many organizations spend too much time trying to develop the “perfect” strategy. This session explores how to implement strategy so that it is roughly right rather than precisely wrong. The approach covers how successful organizations think big, start small, scale fast. We will also cover how to fail fast, learn, and move on.

    Creating a Culture of Agile Execution

    There are three types of companies: companies that make things happen, companies that watch things happen, and companies who wonder what happened. Successful companies adapt quickly, are strategically nimble, and make things happen. This session explores how to lead a team through disruption and position your business for sustained profitable growth. With an emphasis on execution, Sanjay will explore principles on how to think big, start small, and scale fast. And if you fail, as you often will, how to fail fast, learn quickly, and move on.


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