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Matthew Luhn, Speaker
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    Matthew Luhn

    One of the Original Story Creators at Pixar


    Matthew Luhn is an accomplished storyteller, instructor, keynote speaker, and story con-sultant, with over 20 years’ experience creating stories and characters at Pixar Animation Studios. Alongside his story work at Pixar, Matthew also trains Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, and other professionals how to craft and tell stories that bridge the gap be-tween business and heart to build stronger brands and business communication.

    Matthew’s most recent clients include Adidas, Facebook, BBC, Microsoft, Sony, Warner Brothers, Apple, Disney, Google, Clorox and many more. Matthew’s story credits include Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Toy Story 3, Monsters Inc., Monsters University, Finding Nemo, UP, Cars, Ratatouille and other films currently in development. With over 20 years experi-ence creating and developing dozens of films, TV shows, and video games, at Pixar, The Simpsons, ILM, and other studios, Matthew Luhn knows what it takes to create memorable stories with enduring characters. From filmmaking to business, Matthew’s story talk are beneficial to anybody wanting to improve their story skills, or learn the persuasion of great storytelling.

    In Matthew’s story seminar, he will share his process for creating new ideas and charac-ters, how to develop great stories and story structure, and how to realize your story ideas from script to storyboards to finished product.

    Why Matthew Luhn?

    Matthew Luhn has heard thousands of great ideas while working at Pixar, The Simpsons, and ILM, but how is it that some of these ideas make great movies and TV shows, while others don’t make the cut? The answer: the best innovators and directors have developed a process that focuses their team’s creativity into not only creating great ideas but also flesh-ing them out – something Matthew has experienced firsthand.



    Storytelling is the #1 business skill necessary to connect, motivate, and lead people in to-day’s world. Stories compel us to engage in experiences, learn lessons, and define our val-ues and ourselves within our organization. Matthew Luhn, a 20-year Pixar story veteran, brings his experience creating and developing 10 blockbuster films at Pixar, and provides practical strategies that teach and inspire people and teams to connect more effectively with audiences. Matthew uses the power of storytelling to bridge the gap between business and heart, driving your story toward one unforgettable selling point.

    Big Data and Story Telling

    Big data is changing everything from content development to culture itself. Matthew Luhn, a 20 year Pixar story veteran will share how big data is being used to create great stories and characters in films like Toy Story 3, Inside Out and beyond. Matthew’s experience and insight will empower and inspire publishers, advertisers and innovators on how to forge stronger, more meaningful connections with consumers.

    Inspiring Creativity in the Workplace

    As one of the original story creators at Pixar Animation Studios, Matthew Luhn participated in building and sustaining the creative culture at Pixar from startup to the most successful filmmaking group in the history of Hollywood. Matthew’s engaging and action-oriented talk will provide strategies on how to create a culture that encourages and nurtures new ideas, and embraces fear and failing as a necessary part of the creative process. He demon-strates how to empower relationships and build trust through authentic communication.

    Becoming an Effective Leader, as Told by Pixar Heroes

    It's the Feel that Seals the Deal: Are Your Consumers Feelin’ it?


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