Global authority on re-imagining boundaries and author of the book “Slingshot”:

A leading proponent of Value Innovation and Blue Ocean Strategy for over a decade, Gabor has gained recognition as a thought-leader on the creative perspective of defying conventional wisdom.

Gabor is the chief architect and original host of the Immersive Executive Experience series, an exclusive experiential learning forum for business and cultural leaders. He is actively involved in shaping strategy with a diverse group of international clients, spanning from top multinationals to successful start-ups. His spheres of expertise are highly relevant in helping organizations re-think their business.

Gabor's highly praised book "Slingshot" presents an entertaining and practical framework on engaging our childhood creativity for success in business and adulthood, while simultaneously establishing the foundation for a first-of-its-kind, cross-disciplinary discussion platform. Additionally, his website was selected as one of the top online resources on innovation.

Gabor George Burt holds a degree in Psychology from Amherst College (U.S) and an MBA from INSEAD (France). He aims to provoke his audiences to overstep perceived limitations and mental boundaries that limit the growth of their business.

  • Blue Ocean Strategy

  • Innovation and Creativity

  • Business Transformation and Growth

Be a Future-Shaper: Re-Imagine the Boundaries of Your Business

In today’s border-less business environment, you are either actively shaping the future of your market space, or you are left in the wake of others who are. Gabor George Burt reveals how you can be among the future-shapers. His Slingshot Framework enables you to redraw market boundaries in a way that assures the ongoing relevance and growth of your organization.

Through his engaging, interactive talks and workshops, Burt distills the complexity of strategy formation into the simple, intuitive steps of the Slingshot Framework, teaching you to:

  • Stretch the definition of your business in order to discover new markets of high relevance and impact
  • Transform the weakest points of your customers’ experience into the strongest
  • Aim beyond satisfying your customers, by keeping them continuously infatuated
  • Embrace the “Shortcut to Meaningful Innovation”, by unlocking powerful combinations of already existing components that lead to boundary-breaking, new customer value



What if you could re-engage your childhood creativity to overstep perceived limitations for continuous business and personal success? In the context of a highly interactive and provocative session, Gabor shares with his audiences the reason why recovering our capacity for unconventional thinking matters, how to do so, and how to apply it to become always relevant.

Rocket Fuel: Unleashing the Collective Imagination of Your Organization

We are in the midst of an acute creativity crisis. A survey of 100,000 people by found that 98% believe creativity is important for their work, yet only 45% consider themselves creative and a mere 2% think that their place of work fosters creativity. The challenge is formidable.

The good news, says Gabor George Burt, is that creativity is the immensely powerful, abundant and completely free resource we all possess. The bad news is that creativity is vastly underutilized by both individuals and organizations. Through his engaging, interactive talks and workshops, you will learn to capture and channel collective creative thinking as a key driver of your organization’s growth and success. You will gain the tools to:

  • Link systematic creativity with smart strategy
  • Achieve strong customer loyalty, expanded relevance and sustained growth
  • Align your organization around the pursuit of meaningful innovation
  • Maximize the engagement and intellectual contribution of your workforce


Strategy of Innovation: Where is YOUR Blue Ocean?

Most companies are unable to find Blue Oceans – market spaces with no competition. And if they do, they face the difficult challenge of maintaining them and discovering new Blue Oceans. So how can you find ongoing Blue Oceans of high customer value and no competition? You create them.

A leading expert on Blue Ocean strategy, and the creator of the Slingshot Framework – which is the evolution of his BOS work – Gabor George Burt exposes the strategic mindset of creating continuous Blue Oceans. Burt also pinpoints the critical path to replicable Blue Ocean creation, allowing your organization to achieve high growth and sidestep cutthroat price competition.

  • Travels from USA

  • Fee Range USD 20.000 to USD 40.000