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Authority on Entrepreneurship and Execution

Best-selling author Kevin Kelly is a leading authority on the success principles of leadership, entrepreneurship mindset, effective execution, trust-based sales and customer service.

Kevin Kelly was raised among a small entrepreneurial family retail business, and has been selling, negotiating, listening to and serving customers from a very young age, breaking sales record in each of the companies he worked for in the construction and manufacturing industries. In 1990 he started his company, Advanced Marketing Ltd.

He's always been fascinated by what makes people "tick" - little surprise then that he is now seen as a human behavior expert. Kevin coined the concept of "Xceptionalize", which challenges organizations and individuals to focus upon the exceptional execution of the activities that contribute the most to success.

He is the author of several books, including "How? When you don't know how", "Life: a trip towards trust", "Xceptionalize: success secrets for students", the best-selling "Basics before Buzz", and his latest title "Do!" He's also produced several audio programs, such as "Compelling Communication Strategies", "Setting: getting and forgetting goals", and "Good enough, now go get it".

Kevin Kelly holds a B.Com from the National University of Ireland at Galway. He has been invited to corporate meetings and conferences all over Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas - from Fortune 500 companies and prestigious associations to local chambers of commerce and national investment and growth agencies.

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The Modern Leader

In this leadership presentation, Kevin Kelly highlights how to mirror the mindset, attitudes and success strategies of the outstanding "xceptionalists" he interviewed for his book "Do!", and from these exclusive interviews and over two decades working with companies he distils the attributes of the modern leader.

Developing the Xceptionalist Mindset

Entrepreneurs face many challenges before taking that vital first step - not least the intimidating myths that they must be a stand-out visionary, have a breakthrough and unique idea, and work to a detailed, all-worked-out-in-advance business plan.

Deep inside of them is the fear of failure, listed by Global Entrepreneurial Monitor as the number one reason why people fail to act upon their entrepreneurial dreams. This energy packed, mind-recharging keynote presentation will unlock the fear factor and dispel the myths holding people back.