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Parag Khanna, Speaker
  • Globalization.
  • Emerging Markets.
  • Economic Development.
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    Parag Khanna

    Authority on Globalization and Emerging Markets


    Parag Khanna, named one of Esquire magazine's "75 Most Influential People of the 21st Century," is a widely sought-after commentator on all aspects of the future of globalization.

    Khanna's international best-seller "The Second World: How Emerging Powers are Redefining Global Competition in the 21st Century" shatters perceptions of the world's geopolitical and economic balance of power, while providing insight into the promise and challenges of today's most important new markets.

    "The Second World" deftly portrays the new geopolitical marketplace in which the major power centers of China, Europe and the U.S compete for influence in the pivotal "second world" countries. He elegantly warns of the risk to America of failing to rebuild its global leadership through innovative diplomatic and economic strategies.

    His latest book "How to Run the World: New Diplomacy for an Unstable Era" charts the course that will lead to economic and geopolitical stability - one that incorporates governments, corporations and non-government organizations alike to create a resilient global system.

    He served as a senior geopolitical advisor to U.S Special Operations Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2007, and as foreign policy advisor to the Barack Obama presidential campaign. Khanna has been featured on CNN, BBC, PBS and Al Jazeera, and is a frequent contributor to New York Times, Washington Post, Financial Times, Forbes, Newsweek and BusinessWeek.

    Khanna has amassed a prodigious knowledge of world affairs by traveling to over 100 countries and learning French, Hindi, Spanish, German and Arabic. Known for his smart, accurate and detailed analysis, he offers a unique and surprising perspective on the players that are reshaping the global political economy.


    Entrepreneurship in Emerging Nations

    Developing nations have never shown more promise than today. These countries' natural resources and human potential have made them attractive investment opportunities for companies looking for "frontier markets." Emerging powers such as China and India have already discovered their economic promise and are moving quickly and heavily into "second world" countries.

    The Future of Global Problem-Solving

    Multinational corporations and non-government organizations are setting the 21st century global agenda more than ever. They are key drivers of solutions to poverty (such as through micro-credit) and climate change (through clean-tech innovation). This keynote speech provides a penetrating and unique insight into the hybrid, public-private future of diplomacy.

    The Power of Rapidly Developing Economies

    Global powers are competing fiercely for influence in lucrative emerging markets such as South America, Central Asia and the Middle East, each of which holds unique attitudes toward technology, diplomacy and economics. Khanna's keynote address provides an extensive survey of these ambitious new players and the significance for corporations and governments.


    How to Run the World The Second World
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