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Muni Jensen, Speaker
  • US Politics.
  • Global Affairs.
  • Latin American politics.
  • US Presidential Elections.
  • Donald Trump.
  • Government – Media relations.
  • Journalism and politics.
  • Populism and post-truth politics.

    Muni Jensen

    Political Analyst and former Colombian Diplomat focused on Latin American politics and United States-Latin America Trade


    Muni Jensen is a Senior Advisor with ASG, where she uses her experience and expertise as a Political Analyst and former Colombian Diplomat on behalf of the firm to advise clients in the areas of Latin American politics, United States-Latin America Trade, and public affairs. As a permanent guest at Spanish speaking television shows on current global events, Ms. Jensen joins a roster of renowned Spanish-speaking correspondents from leading international news outlets. She is a columnist on international affairs for El País, Colombia's second largest newspaper.

    She previously worked at the Colombian Embassy in Washington for six years, under Luis Alberto Moreno (current president of the Interamerican Development Bank), Andrés Pastrana (former President of Colombia), Carolina Barco (former Foreign Minister), and Gabriel Silva (former Defense Minister). During this time, Ms. Jensen was focused on Congressional relations in the effort to ratify the U.S. Colombia Free Trade Agreement, as well as serving as Press Counselor and Spokesperson for the Embassy. Before Washington, she worked at the Cali Chamber of Commerce division of International Trade and as Vice President for Market Intelligence of Proexport Colombia in Bogotá.

    Ms. Jensen earned a M.A. in Latin American Studies from Georgetown University. She also received a B.A., cum laude, from Trinity University in Washington, majoring in Political Science and Latin American Studies. In Colombia, she received a certificate in Public Policy in a joint program between Universidad Externado de Colombia and Columbia University.


    Trump, the triumph of the showman

    Main discussion topics:

    • Trump is a marketing figure, which should not be analyzed as a politician.
    • He is not crazy, he is not of right, nor pro-Russian, nor anti-Mexican. He is an opportunist who wants to put his name in all his buildings, real or virtual.
    • Trump is a product of United States television. "Made in USA". The comparisons with Chavez, Berlusconi, Hitler, Maduro are not appropiate.
    • His electoral success was to revive the middle-class white man.
    • His government is less chaotic than it seems.
    • Markets, surveys, and press ratings show Trump's reality.
    • The media benefits from Trump's hatred.
    • The divided Democrats will not be able to face the Trump phenomenon shortly.


    Trump El Triunfo de Showman
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