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John Passacantando, Speaker
  • Climate Change.
  • Environmental Issues.
  • Sustainable Development.
  • Listed with permission of American Program Bureau

    John Passacantando

    Executive Director of Greenpeace (2000 - 2008)


    Former Executive Director of Greenpeace U.S, John Passacantando has been fighting for over two decades to protect our planet and save it from the carbon-based peril we find ourselves in today.

    Known for his shockingly honest "State of the Planet" address, Passacantando (a conservative turned environmentalist) brings light to an issue of magnitude for everyone - from progressives to conservatives, corporations to educational institutions, the environment has become a hot button topic that we can no longer afford to ignore.

    While his eight-year tenure at Greenpeace, John aggressively combated a variety of issues while largely growing the organization's staff and annual budget. From challenging political leaders on policies that ignored such important issues as climate change to attempting to stop illegal logging in the Amazon, he helped Greenpeace achieve some of its greatest victories.

    John remains instrumental in focusing public attention on the importance of the revival of our environment. Known for his brave actions that continue to accomplish change, he is a respected leader in recruiting everyone to work harder and smarter in rescuing our planet.

    Always a man looking ahead for solution instead of looking back to place blame, John Passacantando will no doubt play a considerable role in navigating and making the most of the emerging green economy on the horizon.

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