Leading authority on business transformation and innovation management, lecturer and author of "The Talking Manager"

Álvaro González Alorda is a co-founder of Emergap, a consultancy specializing in organizational transformation and innovation management

He has collaborated with over 100 companies in 25 countries: Abbvie, ANDI, Amadeus, AO Foundation, Claro, Conway, Coopeservidores, Endesa, IBM, Mondelez, Nutresa, Premex, ReSources, Roche, Proseín, Inditex or Pfizer, among others.

Associate Professor of FT · IE Corporate Learning Alliance and visiting professor of other business schools in Spain, the United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay.

He graduated from the University of Navarra and IESE Business School and has spent a research residency at Harvard Business School.

He is the author of the books “The next 30 years” and “The Talking Manager.”

  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Emerging markets
  • Human talent management
  • Organizational Transformation

Transformation of organizations: competences and methodology. Today we are not lacking managers, but leaders with capacity to transform

Traditional management skills are not enough when extraordinary changes are to be addressed: such as leading a digital transformation, or reinventing a business model in structural decline, or redesigning complex processes that require changing the work habits of hundreds of people, or restoring deteriorated relationships Between managers or regain the enthusiasm of a team that is tired.

This conference presents a model of competencies and a simple methodology to lead a transformation from within, through the middle managers

The quality of your leadership depends on the quality of your conversations.

In the last decade, the tendency to replace face-to-face conversations with e-mails has become an epidemic that worsens relationships between professionals and creates structural inefficiencies in companies.

This conference presents a model for designing high impact conversations that restore deteriorated relationships and re-excite the team.



  • Travels From: Madrid, Spain

  • Fee International: USD 10.000 to USD 20.000

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