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Exceptional Business and Sales Storyteller

Doug Stevenson is the creator of The Story Theater Method for strategic storytelling in business, and creator of The 21-Step How to Write and Deliver a Dynamite Speech System.

He does not only presents transformational speeches, he analyzes and reveals what he has just done. Not only does he make you laugh and cry, he teaches you how he does it. He's like a magician who performs a wonderful magic trick, and then takes you behind the curtain to show you all of his secrets.

Doug is a former professional actor who spent 20 years performing in everything from Snoopy to Shakespeare and in movies and TV. In his first movie he was karate chopped by Chuck Norris and in his last, he portrayed a pervert on a Perry Mason Movie of the Week.

On the practical side, Doug understands marketing, sales and customer service because he has owned a number of businesses including a successful real estate brokerage. He learned his lessons in leadership while serving on the board of directors and then as the president of a state association. And finally, he learned how to embrace diversity by speaking in several different countries, and at international conferences to people of many different cultures.

His corporate clients include Microsoft, Cisco, Amgen, Bayer, Caterpillar, Oracle, State Farm Insurance, Hewlett Packard, Maytag, UPS, the IRS and many others. He has spoken, trained and coached in the U.S, Canada, Denmark, Austria, Australia, Singapore, England, Ireland and Germany, among others.

Doug's keynotes are filled with inspiring stories that will make you laugh, make you feel and make you think. His content is solid and his delivery is polished and professional.

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The Lost Language of Leadership

Emotional Eloquence is the next step in leadership communication skills for current and potential leaders. Leaders at all levels, but especially executive and director-level, need to learn how to inspire and motivate, to be wisdom-sharers. Emotionally eloquent leaders speak to peoples' highest aspirations, thereby gaining emotional buy-in from their employees. Their speeches and presentations improve morale and inspire confidence in leadership.

The Power to Persuade

Find your story. Tell your story. Make something happen. A well-crafted story is a compelling tool for delivering content, communicating its point effectively and leaving a lasting, positive impression on the listener. Learn to lead, sell and influence people to action using Doug's Story Theater Method.

Get Out of Your Own Way

Are you ready to rock your next meeting or conference? This multi-media keynote combines brilliant storytelling with classic and contemporary rock music. Is employee morale low and needs a boost? Does your sales force need a kick in the pants? Would everyone benefit from an adrenaline shot of motivation during these turbulent times? This is a great opening keynote to set the tone or a high-energy closing keynote to send people home with a BANG!

Becoming the Leader Others Want to Follow

Inspirational leaders get better results than other leaders, even with fewer people and smaller budgets. Because they understand the importance of respecting and valuing each employee, their people work harder and smarter. People want to work for inspirational leaders because they are expected to think, contribute and solve problems on their own. Inspirational leaders attract the best talent and inspire intense loyalty to themselves and their team.

Sell It with a Story

In the ancient martial art called Aikido, you use your opponent's energy and momentum to defeat them without doing harm. In Doug Stevenson's unique Aikido Selling approach, the salesperson welcomes questions, objections and resistance, knowing that they are prepared to embrace the objection and answer it with the appropriate story.

Each story has been chosen, crafted and practiced in anticipation of the objection. Because story has the ability to shift the conversation from logic to imagery and emotion, this process reduces defensiveness for both prospect and salesperson. With Aikido selling skills, salespeople neutralize objections, strengthen relationships and close more sales.