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Testimonies from some of the keynote speakers with whom we've had the pleasure of working in recent years.

  • Sebastian Piñera

    Sebastian Piñera

    HiCue Speakers es una empresa muy profesional. | Video |

  • Andoni Zubizarreta

    Andoni Zubizarreta

    El equipo de HiCue Speakers te resuelve los problemas antes de que sucedan. | Video |

  • César Gaviria

    César Gaviria

    Trabajar con HiCue Speakers ha sido una experiencia excepcional. | Video |

  • Craig Kielburger

    Craig Kielburger

    It's been wonderful to work with HiCue Speakers - It has been extraordinary. | Video |

  • Christopher Pissarides

    Christopher Pissarides

    Exceptionally good service. HiCue Speakers has taken hospitality to a different level. | Video |

  • Dan Ariely

    Dan Ariely

    I've never been escorted to such great degree as by HiCue Speakers. | Video |

  • Frederik de Klerk

    Frederik de Klerk

    Everything was superb thanks to HiCue Speakers. It was all very well organized. | Video |

  • Jim Cathcart

    Jim Cathcart

    HiCue Speakers is the best - you can ask any speaker that has ever worked with them. | Video |

  • Jeffrey Gitomer

    Jeffrey Gitomer

    Traveling to Colombia and working with HiCue Speakers was the best decision for international travel that I've ever made. | Video |

  • John Gray

    John Gray

    I just had an incredible experience working with HiCue Speakers. The level of support I've received has been tremendous. | Video |

  • Leonard Brody

    Leonard Brody

    I've worked with many bureaus around the world and HiCue Speakers was really one of the best, world-class second to none. | Video |

  • Larry Hochman

    Larry Hochman

    I'm being very honest here: I would rather deal with HiCue Speakers than with any other bureau in the world. | Video |

  • Marci Shimoff

    Marci Shimoff

    I've traveled through Latin America working with HiCue Speakers - they have been completely on top of everything. | Video |

  • Philip Kotler

    Philip Kotler

    This was my first experience working with HiCue Speakers and I was very impressed. | Video |

  • Phillip van Hooser

    Phillip van Hooser

    I will always compare my future experiences with other bureaus against those with HiCue Speakers - I'm sure they will come up lacking. | Video |

  • Scott Bornstein

    Scott Bornstein

    I would certainly recommend becoming a HiCue Speakers resource anytime to anybody. | Video |

  • Vijay Govindarajan

    Vijay Govindarajan

    Working with HiCue Speakers was very good - everything went as expected. | Video |

  • Alvaro González-Alorda

    Alvaro González-Alorda

    HiCue Speakers se caracteriza por una exquisita atención a los detalles; te atienden como lo haría tu mejor amigo.

  • Araceli Segarra

    Araceli Segarra

    ¡La verdad es que trabajar con HiCue Speakers es una maravilla!

  • César Gaviria

    César Gaviria

    HiCue Speakers me ha ayudado a identificar las fortalezas y debilidades de mis presentaciones, a ser más ágil y convincente.

  • César Rincón

    César Rincón

    Después de mi vida en los ruedos, que rico es entrar en esta odisea de las conferencias de la mano de HiCue Speakers.

  • Christopher Pissarides

    Christopher Pissarides

    I felt welcome and well treated. I would certainly recommend HiCue Speakers to others.

  • Doug Lipp

    Doug Lipp

    I highly recommend to anyone, without reservation, the opportunity to visit Colombia and work with HiCue Speakers.

  • Ed Brodow

    Ed Brodow

    HiCue Speakers made me feel extremely comfortable and responded to my every need. It was a most rewarding engagement.

  • Eduardo Braun

    Eduardo Braun

    Having travelled around the world, I can tell you that HiCue Speakers excels in its service to the client and the speaker.

  • Francisco Maturana

    Francisco Maturana

    Grandioso el apoyo, la atención, la calidez, la claridad en la información y el profesionalismo del equipo de HiCue Speakers.

  • Harry Paul

    Harry Paul

    HiCue Speakers sets the standard for service and meeting the speaker needs. They're the best!

  • Jeffrey Sachs

    Jeffrey Sachs

    Let me thank you again for your meticulous care of me during the short visit to Cartagena. I'm really impressed by HiCue Speakers operations.

  • Jeffrey Gitomer

    Jeffrey Gitomer

    I was treated by HiCue Speakers as though I was a family member and felt valued by every person I connected with.

  • Jim Cathcart

    Jim Cathcart

    This will go down in the record books as one of the best speaking trips I've taken and it's all because of HiCue Speakers.

  • Jim Murphy

    Jim Murphy

    I would highly recommend any speaker to experience HiCue Speakers' services and the wonderful country of Colombia.

  • Joan Laporta

    Joan Laporta

    Me he sentido muy bien atendido por HiCue Speakers - seguro y muy confortable.

  • Joe Pine

    Joe Pine

    HiCue Speakers always takes very good care of its speakers; I do not know any other bureau that does that as well.

  • John Ward

    John Ward

    HiCue Speakers' attention was tremendous - the responsiveness outstanding. I only wish I had planned more time to enjoy Bogotá.

  • José Antonio Ocampo

    José Antonio Ocampo

    El apoyo prestado por HiCue Speakers siempre ha sido excelente.

  • Joseph Michelli

    Joseph Michelli

    I have never seen an international speaker's bureau offer more value to their clients and their speakers than HiCue Speakers.

  • Juan David Aristizábal

    Juan David Aristizábal

    HiCue Speakers hace que yo puede hacer las cosas cada vez mejor.

  • Kevin Mitnick

    Kevin Mitnick

    As a professional speaker, I've worked with numerous speaking bureaus. My experience with HiCue Speakers has topped the list.

  • Larry Hochman

    Larry Hochman

    I was very well looked after during my entire stay - everything was perfectly executed to a very high standard by HiCue Speakers.

  • Luigi Valdes

    Luigi Valdes

    Como siempre es un placer trabajar con HiCue Speakers por su profesionalismo y amistad.

  • Mark Sanborn

    Mark Sanborn

    HiCue Speakers is a remarkable example of the principles I teach - they turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

  • Martin Lindstrom

    Martin Lindstrom

    I hope I'll get the chance to work with HiCue Speakers again, and again, and again.

  • Michael Bergdahl

    Michael Bergdahl

    HiCue Speakers truly is setting the world standard for service - in my opinion, they are already the best in business.

  • Mike Dooley

    Mike Dooley

    HiCue Speakers' professionalism was unlike anything I have experienced. I am deeply grateful!

  • Nando Parrado

    Nando Parrado

    ¡Qué servicio! ¡Muchas gracias por todo su apoyo y profesionalidad - salió todo perfecto! Es un real placer trabajar con HiCue Speakers.

  • Peter Vidmar

    Peter Vidmar

    HiCue Speakers is my favorite bureau to work with! It is always a privilege to work with them and I look forward to do so again in the future!

  • Ram Charan

    Ram Charan

    I thought everything was fantastic. I look forward to working with HiCue Speakers again in the future.

  • Rip Keller

    Rip Keller

    I appreciate HiCue Speakers professionalism, responsibility, and promptness of communication.

  • Robert Tucker

    Robert Tucker

    I enjoyed this journey with HiCue Speakers and hope our paths will cross again soon.

  • Robin Sharma

    Robin Sharma

    I had a great time with HiCue Speakers. I really hope we can do much more work together throughout South America.

  • Rodrigo Borja

    Rodrigo Borja

    El trato a los conferencistas de HiCue Speakers no pudo ser mejor.

  • Roger Dawson

    Roger Dawson

    HiCue Speakers took care of every little detail from the moment I arrived in the country to the moment I left.

  • Santiago Bilinkis

    Santiago Bilinkis

    Todo estuvo impecable. Quedé muy complacido con el trabajo de HiCue Speakers.

  • Sergio Fajardo

    Sergio Fajardo

    HiCue Speakers: calidad, seriedad y efectividad.

  • Tal Ben-Shahar

    Tal Ben-Shahar

    Everything was great. HiCue Speakers is always looking to help. Thank you!

  • Tim Sanders

    Tim Sanders

    I am thrilled with the level of service and personal attention I received from HiCue Speakers.

  • Tony Alessandra

    Tony Alessandra

    The whole experience with HiCue Speakers was as good or better than other international speeches I've given in the U.S and other locations.

  • Tony Kamo

    Tony Kamo

    HiCue Speakers está siempre atento y con excelente disposición para todo, tanto antes como durante el evento.

  • Vijay Govindarajan

    Vijay Govindarajan

    Thanks indeed for your fine hospitality. HiCue Speakers is top notch!

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