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Val Kilmer, Speaker
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    Val Kilmer

    Award-winning Actor and Social Activist


    Val Kilmer is one of the most prolific actors of his generation, having worked with many of film's most respected directors in movies such as Tony Scott's "Top Gun" and Oliver Stone's "Alexander".

    Val Kilmer, the youngest student ever admitted to the drama department at Juilliard, made his feature debut in the comedy "Top Secret", which he followed up with "Real Genius" and his breakout role as the "Iceman" in Tony Scott's "Top Gun". While at Juilliard he co-wrote the play "How It All Began", directed by Des McAnuff and produced by Joseph Papp for public theatres.

    He made his Broadway debut in the 1983 production of "Slab Boys" with Sean Penn and Kevin Bacon, starred as Moses in Max Azria's musical "The Ten Commandments" and as Frank Chambers in Andrew Rattenbury's "The Postman Always Rings Twice". On television he starred in the critically acclaimed "The Man Who Broke 1000 Chains" and voiced the character of Moses in "The Prince of Egypt".

    He has acted on movies like Renny Harlin's "Mindhunters", David Mamet's "Spartan", Michael Mann's "Heat", Werner Herzog's "Bad Lieutenant", Jerry Bruckheimer's "Déjà Vu", Shane Black's "Kiss, Kiss; Bang, Bang", Tony Scott's "Top Gun" and "True Romance", Ron Howard's "Willow" and "The Missing", Oliver Stone's "The Doors" and "Alexander", among many others.


    The Wilderness

    In the spirit of famous naturalists such as Emerson, Thoreau and Whitman, Kilmer weaves in and out of anecdotes from famous people such as Georgia O'Keefe, Ansel Adams and George Stevens, as well as his own experience growing up next to Roy Rogers and being friends with Sam Shepard.


    Kilmer's autobiography as told through unfinished manuscripts, abandoned projects and the point of view of characters he played at the time his life was being shaped. This is a simple talk about listening, observing, and some really simple exercises from acting class that will help you in life.

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