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Tom Peters, Speaker
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    Tom Peters

    World-Leading Authority on Modern Management


    Tom Peters, founder of the Tom Peters Group, is widely regarded as one of the fathers of modern management, tagged by The Economist and Fortune Magazine as "the ultimate management guru."

    Tom Peters is the author and co-author of several books, including "The Little Big Things", "Excellence Now", "Re-Imagine", "In Search of Excellence", and "A Passion for Excellence". Both "Search" and "Passion" became the only two management books ever to rank first among The New York Times best-seller list, selling over 7 million copies worldwide.

    Tom has probably done more than anyone else to shift the debate on management from the confines of boardrooms, academia and consultancies to a broader audience, becoming the staple diet of the media and managers alike. Without much doubt, it's been Peter Drucker and Tom Peters who have shaped the idea of modern management more than any others over the last six decades.

    Tom Peters holds an MBA and a Ph.D in Business from Stanford University. He writes a weekly syndicated newspaper column for Tribune Media Services, has authored more than 100 magazine and journal articles and hosted four PBS television shows, including an award winning documentary on leadership. He speaks to about 150 public and private sector organizations each year.


    The Little Big Things Excellence Now Re-Imagine In Search of Excellence A Passion for Excellence
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