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The Passing Zone, Speakers
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    The Passing Zone

    Jugglers on Teamwork


    Jon Wee and Owen Morse deliver a comedy and speaking performance using big laughs, exciting stunts and flawless teamwork, creating an unforgettable experience for corporate groups in any industry.

    You've heard of keynote speakers, but keynote jugglers? The best speakers do more than just present an informative message, they act as a springboard to launch your imagination and open new doors to possibility. Jon Wee and Owen Morse do just that, and they do it in ways you have to see to believe.

    Juggling is the perfect metaphor to describe what people do in their workday, and how they balance life's many demands. Whether it's an energizing keynote to kick off your meeting or a closing general session that sends everyone home laughing and motivated, these two are your go-to guys.

    Let's face it: a corporate event is a distinct and deceptively challenging venue, and most performers fall flat because they don't understand the nuance of corporate culture or the specialized field of corporate entertainment. You can't afford to risk your reputation on entertainers who don't comprehend your audience. That's why The Passing Zone is so popular on the corporate circuit.

    They've appeared on The Tonight Show, The Today Show, America's Got Talent, Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, MADtv, and the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon, among others. They've also performed at the White House, in London for Prince Charles, and in the motion picture The Addams Family.

    The objectives of corporate programs are as specialized and innovative as the companies and organizations they are designed to entertain. Find out why Dominos, Wells Fargo, Boeing, Verizon and other Fortune 500 companies make The Passing Zone central to their functions - because when it comes to the success of your event, these guys mean business.


    Teamwork: The Power of Partnership

    Many speakers talk about teamwork, but few actually do it. In their years together, Jon and Owen have learned about communication, trust, cooperation, synergy and teamwork. They depend on each other for the success of their crazy stunts, whether they're throwing chain saws back and forth, or getting people from the audience to participate on stage.

    The Juggling Experience

    Jon and Owen will teach your group to juggle. This hands-on session maximizes The Passing Zone's impact. Audiences will get off their butts, learn a new skill, and realize that a step-by-step method can help them accomplish almost any goal. Send everyone home with a set of juggling balls and a new skill that will help them perform better.


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