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Susie Orbach, Speaker
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    Susie Orbach

    Leading Authority on Post-modern Femininity


    Susie Orbach, Chair of the Relational School (U.K), brings a psychoanalytic lens to a series of social, policy, interpersonal and individual concerns around post-modern femininity.

    She has written much about women's psychology and the construction of femininity, gender, the making of the body, psychoanalysis and social policy, eating difficulties, obesity to anorexia, women and brands, globalism and body image, emotional literacy in business, education and government.

    She is concerned particularly with the way in which psychological symptoms which are physically expressed -such as eczemas, hysterical paralyses and eating difficulties- have moved from being the somatic manifestation of emotional issues to indications of disturbed bodies that are experienced as unplotted and unstable.

    Specifically within psychoanalysis, her interests include the body, gender, counter-transference and the psychotherapy relationship. She has been consultant to the World Bank and is currently consultant to the National Health Service of the United Kingdom and to Unilever. Her current work examines the shift from the post-industrial to the pre-precision engineered body.



    In the past decades, the pressure to perfect and design our bodies has been unprecedented. Breast enhancement is a sweet sixteen birthday present in the suburbs of America, while eating problems -from bulimia to obesity- are growing daily. Susie Orbach explains how the way we view our bodies is the mirror of how we view ourselves, our bodies becoming the measure of our worth.

    Fat is a Feminist Issue

    Our love/hate relationship with food is a response to our social situation, the way we are seen by others and ourselves. Too often food is a source of anguish, as are our bodies. Susie Orbach discusses how we can turn food into a friend and find ways to accept ourselves for whom and how we are, putting an end to food anxieties and dieting.


    Bodies Fifty Shades of Feminism Susie Orbach on Eating
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