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Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, Speaker
  • Human Rights.
  • Overcoming Adversity.
  • Perseverance and Determination.

    Rubin "Hurricane" Carter

    World-Renowned Human Rights Activist


    Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, author, human rights activist, doctor of laws and founding CEO of Innocence International, has dedicated his entire life to defend innocent people from wrongful convictions.

    The life of former professional boxer Rubin "Hurricane" Carter has taken many twists, from obscurity to acclaim and back again. In 1966, while preparing for a World Championship fight, he was arrested for triple murder. Although steadfastly maintaining his innocence, Carter was convicted and sentenced to three life terms, narrowly escaping the electric chair.

    In 1974, upon the publication of his autobiography and the recantations of the state's two key witnesses, Carter's case attracted international attention. He became a civil-rights cause celebrity and was immortalized in Bob Dylan's song "Hurricane". A new trial ensued, but the injustice was repeated. However, he never gave up, and in February 1988 the 22-year-old indictment was finally dismissed.

    His story was depicted in the critically acclaimed film "The Hurricane" starring Denzel Washington. He also hosted the CBC documentary "This Can Happen to You", a story discussing the life and trial of a wrongfully convicted man. Since his release, Carter has spoken alongside former presidents Bill Clinton and Nelson Mandela, and has addressed the General Assembly at the United Nations.

    Rubin Carter holds two honorary doctorates from University of Toronto and Griffith University. He lectures frequently at bar associations, universities, law schools and high schools throughout the world on such diverse issues as literacy and education, wrongful convictions, habeas corpus, and the death penalty.


    Eye of the Hurricane The Sixteenth Round
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