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Robert Spector, Speaker
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    Robert Spector

    Leading Authority on Customer Service


    Robert Spector, widely recognized best-selling author and consultant on customer service, is best known for explaining the core principles that define Nordstrom's commitment to customer service.

    Over the past three decades he has written 25 books translated into over 23 languages, including his most recent "The Nordstrom Way to Customer Service Excellence". He has written books on industry leaders such as the international best-seller "Amazon.com: Get Big Fast" and other works on major trends in retail and consumer culture.

    Combining master storytelling with deep business acumen, he speaks regularly all over the world at major industry events. Robert's dynamic and engaging keynote programs illustrate the principles of the world-class customer service cultures he has written about so extensively in his books.


    The Nordstrom Way

    Through vivid storytelling and examples, Robert takes the audience on a tour of the principles that comprise his best-selling book "The Nordstrom Way", explaining how to make life easier for customers, employees, and strategic partners.

    Creating and Telling your Company Story

    Developing a compelling narrative about who you are, how you started and what you stand for, is the foundation for building an authentic and powerful company culture and brand. In this presentation, Robert shares the basics on how to infuse a story into corporate culture - and how that story can be reflected outward to customers in meaningful ways.

    Multi-Channel Touch Points

    Today's customers want companies to know their preferences, purchase history and credit card numbers, and they want the same brand experience whether in-store, online or on the phone. Customers who spend the most money and shop the most often tend to multi-channel shop. In this presentation, Robert shares his knowledge on how to create a customer service experience.

    Creating Great Customer Experiences

    To create the ultimate customer experience managers must view their business through the eyes of the customer. Would you want to be a customer of your organization? In this presentation, Robert shares his thoughts on how to deliver a consistently inviting, helpful and easy experience across all touch points. It's more than generating quality transactions - it's about building lasting relationships.


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