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Rick Belluzzo, Speaker
  • Leadership.
  • Corporate Culture.
  • Organizational Transformation.
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    Rick Belluzzo

    Executive V.P at Hewlett Packard (1975 - 1998)


    Rick Belluzzo, expert in adapting and establishing a corporation's culture, is a living example that change is possible when faced with opposition - and succeed with a little ambition.

    As a child, Rick Belluzzo was told that he wasn't a "most-likely-to-succeed kind of guy," nor was he "college-grade material." Proving everyone wrong he attended Golden Gate University, graduated with an accounting degree, and went on to lead several Fortune 500 companies including Hewlett-Packard, Silicon Graphics and Microsoft Corporation.

    He was named "Rocket Rick" as a result of his meteoric rise to Executive Vice-president at Hewlett-Packard, followed by his climb to CEO at Silicon Graphics. While COO of Microsoft he was responsible of guiding the company's business strategy, and is credited as the force behind the growth of Microsoft's .NET, XBox, and MSN efforts.

    Seeing an opportunity to turn a small but well-known company into a high-profile powerhouse, Rick accepted the position of CEO of Quantum in 2002, combining his innovative managerial style with the solid foundation and team-oriented culture of the company.

    Rick Belluzzo applies his extensive experience on leading organizations through change and working through the cultural factors that make it difficult on teaching management and leadership tricks that you can't learn in a classroom.


    Managing Business Transitions

    Leading a company or business through a transition is often a matter of survival. Changes in technology, business models, competition and globalization require fluid strategies and rapid change. Rick Belluzzo teaches leaders how to develop the skills necessary to drive changes that allow companies to capitalize on these powerful forces.

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