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Richard Whiteley, Speaker
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    Richard Whiteley

    Consultant on Customer Service and Branding


    Richard Whiteley is a successful entrepreneur, consultant and award-winning author on customer service and branding. He is the Principal of the Whiteley Group, international speaking and consulting firm.

    Most recently, Richard held the position of Vice-chairman of The Forum Corporation, leading global training and consulting firm he co-founded in 1971. In 1978 he founded and presided The Instructional Systems Association, a group of leading U.S training companies which now has over 150 members.

    The first of Richard's award-winning best-sellers "The Customer-Driven Company" (1991) was named "one of the top four business books of the year" by Fortune Magazine and was recently cited as "one of the top ten books of the decade" by Human Resource Executive Magazine.

    His following book "Customer-Centered Growth" (1996) was a BusinessWeek best-seller, named "one of the top five business books" by Selling Magazine. He's also the author of best-sellers "Love the Work you're With" (2001) and "The Corporate Shaman" (2002).

    His client list includes American Express, 3M, Motorola, Microsoft, Marriott, Delta Airlines, Thomas Cook, Mercedes-Benz, Vodafone, Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, among others. He serves on the boards of The Ken Blanchard Companies, The Instructional Systems Association, COE Express, and is a Trustee of the Carroll School.

    Richard Whiteley holds a BA from Wesleyan University and an MBA from Harvard Business School. He is a guest lecturer at leading colleges and universities including Sloan School of Management, the University of Southern California and Babson College. His extensive knowledge of current business challenges and dynamic presentation style has brought him acclaim as a powerful speaker.


    How to Create Customer Loyalty

    The staggering array of options aggressive competitors put in front of today's customers has caused a shift in power from the seller to the buyer. And all the while, the Internet is dramatically changing these relationships. This powerful presentation focuses on proven strategies which will enable any organization to target, attract and retain valuable customers.

    Finding the Job you Always Wanted

    In today's challenging and chaotic times, all too often employees have become confused and dispirited. This uplifting presentation offers "ways of being" which, when embraced by people in an organization, can lead to greater joy and productivity in the workplace.

    How to Create Branded Customer Experience

    A strong brand means competitive advantage and increased profitability. Today's successful companies go beyond the traditional view of brand and align both their people and processes to create "branded customer experience". This presentation will focus on a new approach to brand and how to make every customer interaction consistent, intentional, differentiated and valuable every time.

    Leading in Times of Rapid Change

    In today's fast changing times, there is a call for effective leadership. The problem is that many of the leadership practices that led to success as recently as five years ago are no longer effective. This presentation highlights the critical few leadership actions and characteristics that have the most leverage on creating superior performance.

    How to Create a Relationship Advantage

    Today's buyers are leery of the "one-call-close" artists, and have developed an uncanny ability to "read" the intentions of the sales people who come into their offices. Based on the attitudes and competencies superior performers demonstrate as they surpass performance standards, this presentation reviews the critical competencies required to create profitable customer relationships.


    The Corporate Shaman The Customer-Driven Company
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