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Paul Smith, Speaker
  • Communication.
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    Paul Smith

    Consultant on Market Research and Communication


    Paul Smith, Director of Consumer Research for P&G's paper products division in the U.S, Canada, and Mexico, has two decades of experience in market research, finance and consulting positions.

    Paul Smith served in leadership positions in several multi-billion dollar business units, manufacturing plants and sales teams, working with global retailers including Wal-Mart, Sam's Club and Costco. He is also a highly-rated communications trainer for Procter & Gamble's management training colleges.

    Paul Smith holds a BA on Economics from Hendrix College and an MBA from Wharton School of Business. He is the only trainer licensed and endorsed by authors Chip and Dan Heath to present their world-renowned Made to Stick keynote speech.


    Made to Stick

    You know your business and the direction you need to go. But how do you get your team, boss, and customers to go there? You need to develop and communicate your ideas so that they are inspirational, memorable, travel well, affect change, and stand the test of time. In other words, make your ideas "sticky." Each presentation is built to meet the specific client's needs.


    Lead with a Story
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