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Nigel Barlow, Speaker
  • Leadership.
  • Customer Service.
  • Innovation and Creativity.
  • Organizational Transformation.
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    Nigel Barlow

    Authority on "Legendary" Customer Service


    Nigel Barlow, Director of Service Legends Ltd, helps clients to refocus their companies by improving attitudes and leadership capabilities, creating clear goals and superior customer service.

    Nigel is a strategic coach, consultant and author, working with large organizations in over 20 countries. He specializes in the implementation of change, innovation, creativity and legendary customer service.

    Nigel is an excellent communicator who ensures that the achievement of business goals is woven into the acquisition of fresh attitudes and skills. His book "Batteries Included" introduces new concepts that replace mere customer satisfaction as the goal to strive for in today's highly competitive markets.

    Nigel often takes on a coaching and mentoring role with both individuals and groups to inspire a process of continuous development and change. He brings passion and originality to his themes and helps clients to think beyond their current vision of possibilities and to "invent their own future".

    During his presentations, Nigel kick-starts fresh thinking by conveying vital messages in a highly inspirational, dynamical and theatrical way. Team members often describe his seminars as the most meaningful and effective they have experienced.


    Batteries Included!
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