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Michael Wynne, Speaker
  • Multicultural Teams.
  • Internationalization.
  • Organizational Growth.
  • Negotiation and Pricing.

    Michael Wynne

    Consultant on Organizational Internationalization


    For over 30 years Michael Wynne has helped entrepreneurs and executives all over the world grow their sales and profits in U.S and global markets.

    Michael Wynne has personally sold and generated profits in the millions of dollars. As General and Strategic Planning Manager of Mobil Chemical Company he developed global strategies for a $2 billion operation, taking a company that had been losing money for four years straight and turning it around in only three months.

    He has individually coached hundreds of Fortune 500 executives, teaching them how to be better leaders and succeed at working in different countries and cultures. As an authentic, experienced and innovative businessman, Michael has "walked the talks" and lived the stories and insights he describes in his presentations.


    Grow Your Profits

    No company is totally profitable - yet most could be. According to a Harvard Business Review survey, over 50% of companies don't realize where they are losing money and fail to track losses and growing opportunities. Plugging money leaks, designing better pricing strategies, leveraging resources and building profit-focused teams are key to making companies as profitable as they can possibly be.

    How to Compete Without Lowering Prices

    Most companies set prices based on costs - and that may not be the best way to do it. Discover better ways to set prices and still be competitive, while defending them at the same time (as it is so easy to be intimidated by customers' price objections and end up offering a lower price). It isn't necessary to lower prices when sales people know how to defend them and still get the sale.

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