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Marty Neumeier, Speaker
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    Marty Neumeier

    Leading Authority on Branding and Customer Experience


    Marty Neumeier, expert on Branding and Customer Experience, has developed hundreds of brand icons and retail packages for companies such as Apple, Adobe, Netscape, Kodak and Hewlett-Packard.

    Marty Neumeier began his career as a designer, but soon added writing and strategy to his repertoire. He has worked variously as an identity designer, art director, copywriter, journalist, package designer, magazine publisher and brand consultant.

    In 1996 he published Critique Magazine, leading forum for improving design effectiveness through critical analysis and bridging the gap between business strategy and customer experience. In 2002 he founded Neutron, a design think-tank focused on brand-building processes that drive organizational change, which in 2009 merged with Liquid Agency, where Marty now serves as Director of Transformation.

    He is the best-selling author of "The Brand Gap", "ZAG" and "The Designful Company", hailed by Fast Company, BusinessWeek and Harvard Business Review. "ZAG" was recently voted among the Top 100 Business Books of All Time. Marty travels extensively as a speaker and workshop leader.


    The Brand Gap

    Everybody is talking about brands and branding. But what exactly is a brand? How do you create a brand? What makes a brand successful in the long term? Marty takes his audiences on a great journey, explaining how to build a modern brand - both in terms of strategy and design.

    The foundation of brand is trust. Customers trust your brand when their expectations are consistently met or beat. The stronger the brand, the greater the profit margin. To build a strong brand, companies have to align the "logic" and "magic" of brand building, and create a culture of innovation. In this session, Marty shows fascinating ways to create this culture.


    As the pace of business quickens and the number of brands multiplies, it is customers and not companies who decide which brands live and which brands die. This critical change in behavior is a huge threat for brands that do not adapt to the new way of doing business, and an incredible opportunity for those companies willing to revolutionize their approach.

    Customers are being overwhelmed by messages, information and multiple choices. This so called "wealth of information" creates a poverty of attention. Traditional advertising is in a death spiral and in the age of dialog, people turn away from a brand that does not involve them or their tribe. Marty predicts that Branding will replace advertising by being different, really different.

    The Designful Company

    If you want to innovate, you have to design - plain and simple. The current market of "free", "perfect" and "now" is forcing companies to rethink their approach to product development, but most companies have been getting better and better at a management model that's getting "wronger" and "wronger".

    The way many companies work today is based in avoiding risk, working in silos and delivering products that have no unique character. Business needs to change in order to unleash its full potential and assure long term growth. Marty invites managers to fail fast and fail often, and in the process benefit from real innovation and differentiation.


    The Brand Gap Zag The Designful Company
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