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Mark deVolder, Speaker
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    Mark deVolder

    Consultant on Organizational Transformation Leadership


    Ph.D Mark deVolder is an experienced and skilled consultant on helping people work better together. In a word, he brings "depth" to the field of management consulting.

    Expert in business change and commitment. Top 5 Speaker EE. UU. 2010-1013. Mark DeVolder has participated and inspired audiences from Monaco to Dubai; from Singapur to Jamaica and from Istambul to Kuala Lumpur. DeVolder offers presentations with a large dynamic energy, both private and public sector, and leaders from various industries and Fortune 500 companies.

    "When people lose the spark, organization lose their fire. This has a devastating effect on productivity, profits and reputation of an institution." His customized programs are a mix of practical tools, rigorous collaborative research and consultancy, all sprinkled with humor, entertainment and interaction with the public.

    A very motivational speaker, DeVolder is able to equip teams with the tools, inspiration and drive to improve individual and organizational effectiveness and to accelerate change and give new life to job performance. His clients NASA, Shell and Siemens are counted.

    Skilled in mediation dynamics of organizational change and labor commitment, has been listed for four consecutive years in the Top 5 Speaker Award in Business Management. He is able to clarify why many change initiatives fail and provides its audiences with clear and direct strategies that leaders can lead to improved outcomes and improve at all levels. Author of Get Engaged: A Practical Guide for Improving Employee Engagement, his studies focus on issues related to the unity, diversity and synergies increasingly, relevant forces in the business world and the workplace.


    Change for the Better

    Mark's premise for this presentation is that most leaders have a working knowledge about planning change, but are taken by surprise when unexpected difficulties arise during implementation. He explains (for senior managers, supervisors, or teams) all of the typical pitfalls and how they can be managed.

    The Trust Factor

    Trust is at the heart of every successful organization, the glue and grease that holds relationships together and enables teams to work cooperatively. Mark makes a compelling business case for building trust, teaching leaders how to create an environment that will stand every possible test and environment.

    The New Leader is a Player-Coach

    Mark's premise for this presentation is that many people think the primary role of leadership is to fix problems, and leaders often know little about enabling individuals and/or teams to create their own solutions. He goes on to demonstrate how leaders can leverage their efforts to the greatest advantage.

    5 Passions of Extraordinary Leaders

    In this highly motivational presentation, Mark challenges individuals to accomplish their goals and exceed them. Beginning with the leadership qualities of character and vision, he leads audiences through concepts such as relationships, attitude and team building.

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