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Lisa Ford, Speaker
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    Lisa Ford

    Authority on Extreme! Customer Service


    Lisa Ford is a renowned expert in the fields of Customer Service and Customer Loyalty, having worked with America' top companies like SmithKline Beecham, Equitable, Viacom, CSX and Georgia Power.

    Lisa is the best-selling author of "How to Give Exceptional Customer Service", "Developing a Customer Retention Program", and co-author of "Building a Customer Driven Organization: The Manager's Role". She is highly rated and a favorite speaker at Inc Magazine's annual Customer Service Conference, and was inducted into the National Speakers Association's Hall Of Fame in 2002.

    Lisa is known for designing content customized to the audience and the issues they face, and has customized numerous videos for clients to use in their ongoing training efforts. Audiences love how her presentations are filled with practical strategies, common sense and memorable stories - all combined with enthusiasm and humor.

    Lisa Ford delivers what her audiences want: practical ideas combined with plenty of opportunities to laugh and relate to her examples. She presents over 100 keynote speeches and seminars every year across the U.S, U.K and Australia.


    Why Customer Service Is Not Enough

    Everyone has read the books. Many businesses have pledged fidelity to its customers, but few have implemented actions that match their attitude, and most efforts are faint hearted, gimmicky or off the mark. Today's organization must focus on customer's satisfaction and retention with renewed energy. The challenge is to get customers to love your products, services and people.

    Creating a Service-Focused Team

    Face it: front-line customer service is a tough job! One of the biggest challenges is keeping your team inspired and motivated every day, and learning what works when it comes to inspiring exceptional service and creating loyal customers. This session will cover the environment you must create to encourage a strong and involved team, and your role in modeling the right behavior.

    Everyday Excellence

    The best way to survive in today's fast moving and changing workplace is to be better and smarter every day; you must examine what value you add to the organization and your team. This session covers how individuals must make a difference and increase their results daily. Lisa shares questions to identify what value you add and create an action plan to increase your value.

    Change Works

    Everyone is aware of the pressures of this fast changing world. Some people are able to adapt a little faster and easier to this new environment, and learning the right strategies and attitudes can help the individual and organization embrace change successfully. This speech will help people understand their fears around change, why resistance exists, and how to overcome it.

    Personal Communication Power

    The common denominator for success is the ability to communicate. This session will take a look at your current habits and replace ineffective ones with communication that is clear, direct and respectful. When you take control of your communication style you have control over your interactions and results.

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