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Lee Brower, Speaker
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    Lee Brower

    Renowned Author on Family Legacy and Wealth


    Visionary in thought and action, Lee Brower is a change agent of our time. He's on a mission to revolutionize how people create and nourish their wealth at home, work and beyond.

    A noted authority on helping families create enduring legacies that flourish generation after generation, Lee is also an accomplished teacher and mentor for entrepreneurs and CEOs. His breakthrough ideas and concepts on preserving wealth are changing the landscape of leadership in a variety of places, from private homes and small businesses to public corporations and large educational institutions.

    With more than 30 years of experience, Lee employs his transformational Brower Quadrant System to guide people on successfully protecting, empowering and honoring their "true wealth" - which isn't just about money and property. Put simply, he helps people recognize and tap into all of their assets such as wisdom, experience, reputation, networks, health, skills, talents, values and habits.

    For the last decade he has served part-time as an Associate Coach for Strategic Coach Inc, an international organization based in Toronto that offers practical thinking tools and support structures to help individuals create the personal and professional future they want.

    Passionate, dedicated and highly-engaging, Lee mixes keynote speeches and seminars with his ongoing role as an active board member of numerous organizations. His entrepreneurial pursuits include several Quadrant-based companies around the world that spawn out-of-the-box intellectual capital with a focus on real estate, corporate compliance, communication, health and education.


    The Brower Quadrant
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