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Larry Koenig, Speaker
  • Parental Discipline.
  • Health and Well-being.

    Larry Koenig

    Family Therapist on Parental Discipline


    Family Therapist Dr. Larry Koenig is well-known for his delightful ability to pinpoint exactly what is going on in people's homes and classrooms, and for giving practical advice on parenting discipline.

    Larry is the creator of Up with Youth, leading self-esteem program for adolescents, and creator of Up with Parents, dynamic program that helps parents effectively gain control of their children's behaviors and attitudes.

    He is also the author of "Smart Discipline", America's most widely used and quoted book on discipline, and President of the North American Society for Parent Training and Development. Larry has widely researched the most effective ways to intervene in the problems that confront parents and educators.

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