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John Mattone, Speaker
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    John Mattone

    World-Leading Authority on Executive Coaching


    John Mattone is the world's leading "game-changing" leadership and talent management authority, world-renowned keynote speaker, prolific author, and highly sought-after CEO and high-potential executive coach.

    John Mattone has over 30 years' experience in the fields of leadership development and human capital management, known throughout the Fortune 500 as a cutting-edge thinker in helping top-notch leaders unlock their full potential. He is a trusted advisor and coach to some of the world's leading organizations and brands including the CIA, Columbia University, the Environmental Protection Agency, FedEx and KPMG, among others.

    He is the author of several books including the best-selling and highly-regarded "Talent Leadership: a proven method for identifying and developing high-potential employees" and "Intelligent Leadership: what you need to know to unlock your full potential"; he has also published over 100 professional articles on media outlets such as Wall Street Journal, FastCompany, BusinessWeek, Inc. Magazine and The Huffington Post, among others.

    John was nominated for the prestigious Thinkers50 Leadership Award (2013) -in recognition of those who have contributed the most to our understanding of leadership and management- and was featured on the Thinkers50 "Guru Radar", which recognizes the fastest-rising stars in the field of leadership. He is currently recognized by Leadership Excellence Magazine as one of the world's top independent leadership consultants and executive coaches.

    He currently serves as member of the advisory board at the University of Continuing Education Coaching Education, senior talent management consultant and master executive coach at Executive Development Associates, and as President of John Mattone Partners - a leadership consulting firm that specializes in C-level and high-potential executive coaching and talent management.

    John Mattone holds a B.S in Management and Organizational Behavior from Babson College and a master's degree in Organizational Psychology from the University of Central Florida. He is one of only eight executive coaches in the world who has been awarded the prestigious Master Corporate Executive Coach certification by the Association of Corporate Executive Coaches.


    Leadership and Talent Management Trends

    Based on his ground-breaking research on the leadership and management principles that drive successful organizations, John shares a compelling look at the future of talent management and executive development by identifying 20 practices that must be implemented and executed immediately by any organization to successfully mitigate their operating risk and ensure future survival and viability.

    Creating a Powerful and Compelling Future

    In this presentation, John Mattone shares his insights on how to help leaders and employees alike overcome self-imposed limiting thoughts, beliefs and habits - discovering powerful and unique ways to unleash their potential and achieving an "inner-core" balance by strengthening their self-image, thinking patterns, beliefs, emotions and actions so they realize greater success, new levels of achievement, and stronger relationships and partnerships in their life.


    Intelligent Leadership Talent Leadership Powerful Performance Management


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