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John Foley, Speaker
  • Teamwork.
  • Motivation.
  • High Performance.

    John Foley

    Former Lead Solo of the U.S Navy's Blue Angels


    As Lead Solo pilot of the U.S Navy's Flight Demonstration Squadron Blue Angels, John Foley had to perform consistently as part of a team in an intense, high-stakes environment.

    Reaching that level of excellence required commitment, discipline and trust. In every organization, winning depends on the performance of leaders and their teams, and nowhere is this more powerfully demonstrated than in the Blue Angels, the U.S Navy's elite precision flying team.

    Taking insights from his experience with the Blue Angels, the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and within the inner circle of a venture capital company, John developed a practical and effective model for closing performance gaps. His unique approach simplifies complex challenges so they can be tackled faster.

    His charismatic and enthusiastic presentations stimulate audiences emotionally and intellectually with a whole new perspective on their ability to excel. They leave the event not only transformed, but also with a set of concrete tools to immediately begin a high performance climb. John fuels his message with videos of his adrenaline-pumping performances with the Blue Angels.


    High Performance Climb

    Every organization depends upon the performance of their people and their teams. There are few examples where this is more dramatically demonstrated than with the Blue Angels. John Foley draws upon his experience as Lead Solo of the Blue Angels to inspire audiences and show them how to achieve substantially higher levels of performance.

    Foley demonstrates a simple and systematic -yet exciting- approach for how to develop the clarity, focus, commitment and trust that are necessary to achieve ever-higher levels of performance. In this insightful program, he emphasizes the development of trust and respect among team members as essential to execution.


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