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Joe Calloway, Speaker
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    Joe Calloway

    Expert on Developing Customer-Focused Teams


    From Saks Fifth Avenue and BMW to American Express and IBM, a wide range of companies depend on Joe Calloway for insight into today's marketplace. His client list reads like a "Who's Who" in business.

    Sales And Marketing Management Magazine called Joe "an expert on developing customer focused teams" and the National Customer Services Advisory Board called him "one of the most innovative and compelling people in customer service".

    Joe is the best-selling author of "1ndispensable" and "Becoming a Category of One", which received rave reviews from The New York Times, Retailing Today and many others. He is a guest lecturer with the Center for Professional Development at Belmont University, and is a partner in Mirror, an award-winning restaurant in Nashville which was recently featured on television's Food Network.


    How Extraordinary Companies Think

    Extraordinary companies are, by definition, different from their competitors. The critical differences are not usually found in product, price, or even service. Extraordinary companies think and do things in ways that are available to any business, but that few choose. Those few that do are market leaders that sustain success and continuously move to the next level.

    Constant Innovation

    If you don't wage a daily war against complacency, your days are numbered. But you don't have to be wildly creative to be innovative. You simply have to look at the same thing as everyone else and see something different. And you have to be willing to go first.

    Knowing What's Important

    Everything begins with your culture. People who work for extraordinary companies have great clarity and a deep commitment around who they are and what they stand for. At great companies "what's important" gets talked about all the time. It's in the air. It's why they're a great company.


    1ndispensable Becoming a Category of One
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