With HoloPresence™ you can be anywhere as a hologram, accomplishing more with greater impact – lifesize, lifelike and in real-time

  • Be everywhere
  • Deliver impact
  • Improve work-life balance
  • Align with ESG goals
  • Position your company as tech-forward & futuristic 

THE WORLD HAS FOREVER CHANGED, WHY NOT EMBRACE THE CHANGE WITH US.  With HoloPresence™ you can be anywhere as a hologram, accomplishing more with greater impact – lifesize, lifelike and in real-time.

DELIVER A PRESENTATION YOUR AUDIENCE WILL REMEMBER FOREVER. Pre-senting using HoloPresence™ is incredibly memorable and impactful because you appear live, lifelike and speaking in real-time as if you were there in person, except you’re a hologram.

Studies show that a presenter appearing as a hologram can hold an audience’s attention far better. HoloPresence™ can deliver much more impact while still appear-ing lifelike and with all the natural body language as someone presenting in person.

For the presentations that matter the most, quality is essential. When a presenter can’t be there in person, and a webcam simply won’t do, a hologram is the most impressive way to deliver value and convey that your audience truly matters.

Take your presentation to the next level. Deliver impact and ingenuity by leveraging our HoloPresence™ solution to incorporate dynamic 3D holographic visuals into your presentation. The possibilities are endless.

THAT HELPS YOU DO YOUR PART.  By avoiding unnecessary airline travel, ground transportation and hotel stays that go with business travel, you are doing your part to reduce carbon emissions and make our planet a little greener and more sustainable.

Business airline travel can be essential but it is the least efficient, per kilometre, way to go.  One trans-Atlantic flight emits the same amount of carbon as heating a house for a year. So don’t make unnecessary trips, when you can be there as a hologram.

Each time you beam as a hologram, you reinforce that your organization is responsible and concerned about the environment, doing your part to reduce global emissions.
Show that your organization is concerned about ESG,  and not just about the environmental impact of distant travel, but the overall impact on employees’ health, family life and social balance.

Products / Technology

All of our hardware and software solutions connect together to form a HoloPresence™ Network. This can include any number of combinations of the products listed below. ARHT Engine powered Capture Studios and HoloPresence™ Displays, like our HoloPod™ and H-Series Portable Displays, can be easily brought together to create a HoloPresence™ Network. You can then beam live holograms of your presenters to your own meetings and events, anytime.

Perfect for one presenter and light graphic content. The HoloPod™ Display is designed to be used in corporate, education and healthcare settings for regular remote meetings via a HoloPresence™ Network.

Our most flexible and portable HoloPresence™ displays come in three sizes. Best suited for use at events, exhibits and for temporary or semi-permanent use. They can be dismantled for easy transport and are simple to set up. Custom screen sizes are available upon request.

Seamlessly capture a person to be filmed live and transmitted onto our HoloPresence™ Displays or the Virtual Global Stage™ with the ability to have real-time conversations. The Capture Studio can be set up for temporary or permanent use.

The ARHT Engine System is our patented software installed on purpose-built hardware. The system enables the delivery of live and pre-recorded holographic content to and from our HoloPresence™ Displays, Capture Studios and our Virtual Global Stage™.

Be there as a hologram


Arth Media


  • Meetings & Events
  • Virtual Global Stage™
  • Hybrid Holopresence™ Events

The Technology

Presenters are recorded using our proprietary Capture Studio system for both live transmission and pre-recorded holograms.

They are then transmitted over the internet in real-time through our proprietary ARHT Engine System to our patented HoloPresence™ Displays or to the Virtual Global Stage™.

Appearing live as lifelike holograms on HoloPresence™ Displays, or online to the Virtual Global Stage™ in lifesize proportions with the ability to interact in real-time.

  • Travels from: USA

  • Fee Range: USD 20.000 to USD 40.000

*Fee Range:

Fee ranges listed on this website are intended to serve as a guideline. Please note: if a speaker has a fee range listed such as USD 20.000 to USD 40.000, it indicates that the fee falls within that range. Speakers’ fees are subject to change without notice. Fees often vary based on several factors, including speaker’s availability, length of presentation, supply and demand, and event location, among others. Please contact us with your specific event details and requirements, and we will provide you with a precise quote.