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Harry Markopolos, Speaker
  • Financial Fraud.
  • Pyramid Schemes.
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    Harry Markopolos

    The Bernie Madoff Whistleblower


    It took Harry Markopolos only five minutes to figure out that Bernie Madoff was a fraud. But it took him almost ten years of repeated red flag waving and covert communication to get the world to see it.

    Markopolos candidly explains his long fight to "gift wrap and deliver the biggest Ponzi scheme ever" and reveals a captivating cloak-and-dagger story of one man and his tightly knit, highly-trained team of trusted allies that never gave up. By relying on his unique combination of skills as a 22-year veteran of the finance industry, he pieced together the facts and numbers and blew the whistle on Madoff.

    One man making a big difference, Markopolos continues to fight the good fight against the many forces that have ripped apart America's financial practices and upended its economy. A crusader for the truth, he forges ahead, working to ensure that a tragedy of this magnitude never happens again.


    How Did One Man Lose $50 Billion?

    Markopolos will provide a behind the scenes presentation on how his four person investigative team tracked the Madoff Feeder Funds throughout Europe and North America over an 8 1/2 year time frame, repeatedly submitting detailed reports to the U.S SEC - which refused to listen. He will explain the red flags, warning signs and audit steps you need to know so this doesn't happen to your organization.

    With modesty, steely integrity, and self-deprecating humor, Markopolos offers not only an insider account of his actions, but a vivid examination of our financial system, articulating:

    • What happened, how it happened, and why?
    • Where do we go from here? There are more Bernie Madoffs out there yet to be exposed and prosecuted, so what does this mean to the world's already fragile economy?
    • How can we fix the system and most importantly, prevent it from happening again?


    No One Would Listen
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