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Hans Rosling, Speaker
  • Health and Well-being.
  • Fighting Poverty in Developing Countries.

    Hans Rosling

    Professor of Global Health at Karolinska Institutet


    Dr. Rosling's research started with the analysis of links between poverty, hunger, gender relations and health in small scale farming systems. It now deals with links between health and absolute poverty.

    Following studies in Statistics and Medicine at Uppsala University (Sweden), Dr. Rosling served as a district Medical Officer in northern Mozambique from 1979 to 1981. Besides managing health and hospital service for 360.000 inhabitants, he investigated an outbreak of an unknown paralytic disease in a drought stricken rural area. These studies identified a new neurological disease that was named konzo, the local name among the first affect population.

    During the following 20 years he performed field surveys investigating outbreaks of konzo in famine threaten remote rural areas in five African countries. The causes were traced to a combination of malnutrition and dietary cyanide from inadequately processed bitter cassava roots that due to hunger were consumed without prejudice.

    Dr. Rosling is professor of International Health at the Karolinska Institutet, a medical university in Stockholm (Sweden), where he leads courses on Global Health in both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The former includes training periods for Swedish students in India, Iran, Tanzania and Cuba.

    He has co-authored a textbook on Global Health and is in charge of the collaborations between the Karolinska Institutet and universities in low and middle-income countries. Rosling is the founder of Gapminder, a non-profit technology company that produces free software that turns boring development statistics into attractive and understandable moving graphics.

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