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Guillermo Perry, Speaker
  • Energy Policy.
  • International Finance.
  • Economic Perspectives.
  • Economic Growth and Development.
    Travels from Bogotá, Col
    Fee Range Colombia: COP 15.000.001 a 20.000.000 Internacional: USD 10.001 a 20.000

    Guillermo Perry

    Former Chief Economist at the World Bank
    (1996 - 2007)


    Guillermo Perry is presently Robert F. Kennedy visiting Professor at Harvard University, a Senior Research Associate at Fedesarrollo, and a non-resident Fellow at the Center for Global Development.

    Guillermo Perry is also an external advisor to the President of the Andean Finance Corporation, a member of the advisory board of the Woodrow Wilson Latin American Program, and member of the boards of Banco de Bogotá, Fundación Metrópolis Global, CIREC, and Teatro Libre de Bogotá.

    He has served as Chief Economist for Latin America and the Caribbean at the World Bank (1996 - 2007), Minister of Finance and Public Credit of Colombia (1994 - 1996), Minister of Mining and Energy (1986 - 1988), Director of National Taxes (1874 - 1976), and as Director of Colombia's leading economic think-tanks Fedesarrollo and the Center for Economic Development Studies CEDE. He was also a member of the Senate (1990) and a member of the Constitutional Assembly (1991).

    He has been a Professor at Universidad de los Andes and Universidad Nacional de Colombia, visiting Fellow at Oxford University in 1971, and has served in several private and public enterprises, academic boards and executive committees at the Global Development Network, Fedesarrollo, and Universidad de los Andes. He has also been an advisor to several governments in Latin America, Asia, Central Europe and Africa in public finances and energy policy issues.

    He was managing partner at Mejía, Millán & Perry, a consulting firm in economic and energy policy, and has published numerous articles on topics such as fiscal, financial and energy policy, macroeconomics and international finance in a variety of international journals. Guillermo Perry holds an Engineering degree from Universidad de los Andes and undertook Ph.D studies in Economics and Operational Research at MIT from 1968 to 1973.


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