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Erik Kikuchi, Speaker
  • Leadership.
  • Social Responsibility.
  • Perseverance and Determination.
  • Personal and Professional Growth.

    Erik Kikuchi

    Compass for Prosperity with Integrity


    Accomplished entrepreneur, writer and speaker, Erik Kikuchi brings over twenty years' experience to the principles and strategies for building, advancing and succeeding with integrity.

    Despite occasionally homelessness, living in parks and public housing as a child, Erik Kikuchi discovered the keys to overcoming challenges and limitations and went on to build three successful companies. Starting at the age of 24, Erik shifted the paradigm of how to build businesses and teams with his first company, which reached over USD $1.3 million in sales.

    As a pathfinder, Erik never saw his lack of financial support, prior experience, a university degree or connections in the industry as obstacles. Instead, he has invested two and a half decades studying human behavior, needs psychology, verbal and non-verbal communication, organizational value systems and international business.

    Erik has worked and travelled extensively throughout Latin America, inspiring and educating over 250,000 people. His seminars prove how virtually anyone can build, grow and succeed with integrity and why prosperity attained through these principles can be the most admirable, profitable and fulfilling.


    The Seven Laws of Prosperity with Integrity

    How is integrity integrated? How do you positively empower and influence your teams with the principles and strategies of how to advance, build and succeed with integrity? On this presentation, Erik Kikuchi focuses on the importance of individual responsibility and honesty, key ingredients for all aspects of development, growth and success.


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