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Eduardo Braun, Speaker
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    Eduardo Braun

    Management author who redefined leadership for our time by unleashing the power of culture and emotions


    "Eduardo Braun is a global business thinker with an insatiable thirst for learning, capable of transforming complex problems into practical action recommendations." - Jack Welch

    Eduardo Braun is a leadership expert, keynote speaker, and author. For more than 15 years Eduardo has traveled the globe and engaged in conversation with world-renowned management leaders, heads of state, and top academics and entrepreneurs, including personalities such as Jack Welch, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Gary Hamel, Richard Branson, and Pope Francis, among others.

    His new book "People First Leadership" is the result of these conversations, where he shares intimate stories and practical life lessons of successful leaders who use culture and emotion to drive unprecedented results. Eduardo introduces a new vision of leadership where the new CEO -or Chief Emotions Officer- establishes stronger connections that get better results and create a culture of inspiration and success.

    An industrial engineer from the University of Buenos Aires, Eduardo has an MBA from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and a vast work experience in the US, Europe and Latin America in companies such as Booz Allen & Hamilton, Etex Group, and The HSM Group -global multimedia management company and organizer of the World Business Forum.

    An in-demand speaker on leadership and culture management, Eduardo lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


    People First Leadership: How the Best Leaders Use Culture and Emotion to Drive Unprecedented Results

    In this insightful keynote, former director of the World Business Forum, Eduardo Braun, introduces a new vision of leadership: The New CEO—someone who puts people, cultures, and emotions first. Through thousands of hours of conversations with world-class leaders, Braun has identified 5 Key Roles leaders can use to inspire people to strive for greater success, and in turn change the world for good.

    With this refreshingly human approach, you’ll find it easy to integrate the 5 traits into your work and your life. The author shares intimate stories and practical life lessons from CEOs like Jack Welch and Tony Hsieh, who trusted their instincts, followed their passions, and shared their visions with others. Leaders at all levels will learn how to make stronger connections that get better results—and create a culture of inspiration and success.

    LEADERSHIP: How To Become an Effective Leader: Secrets from the World’s Greatest Leaders

    What are the World’s Greatest Leaders secrets and how can you benefit from them to become a great Leader yourself?

    Eduardo brings to life the thoughts, on-stage interviews, and behind the scenes secrets of the world most renowned leaders: Bill Clinton, Francis Ford Coppola, Gary Hamel, Jack Welch, Rudy Giuliani, Jim Collins, Dave Ulrich, Tony Blair, Colin Powell and many others; and turns those lessons into actionable recommendations.

    • The Leader’s DNA. What are some unique characteristics of a leader? How to improve your own DNA while finding your own voice and passions.
    • The Five Key Roles of Leadership. New insights from the field that will allow you to focus and improve your own leadership style.
    • Establishing your own Vision; why it is a necessary first step.
    • Selecting and managing the Winning Team. Tips for building an effective management team.
    • Implementing the right Decision Making process. Why it is the most important leadership tool and how to use it effectively.
    • Creating a high performance Culture in your organization. The importance of cloning your DNA.
    • Communication, the organization’s bloodstream.

    FAMILY BUSINESS: How to facilitate successful successions and happier family members

    The most singular characteristic of a Family Business is that everything is mixed up: Ownership, governance, management…. and the Family!

    • How to identify the issues and goals of each member of the family.
    • How to design policies to articulate Company challenges and with the personal needs.
    • Rules to avoid unnecessary conflict and to solve the issues where they belong
    • Family Protocol, a process to find solutions before the problems tear-up the family and the business.
    • Corporate Governance: Best Practices designed to foster profitable growth.

    INNOVATION; New perspectives to reinvent you company: The Business, the Products, and its Management.

    • Identify the different dimensions that can have Innovation
    • The New Context: The Technology Revolution and it exponential nature.
    • Life Sciences Revolution: why its impact will be even more important than the Digital Revolution
    • Examples of innovations that will transform everyone’s life in the next 5 years: robotics, nanotechnology, Bid Data revolution and others.
    • Disruptive Innovation: How to reinvent your business before your competition does.
    • Open Innovation: A simple methodology to innovate at a very low cost.
    • How to lead Innovation: Understanding the new paradigms to adapt your management style and organize your company to take advantage of its benefits: From Organizational Structure to Clusters.


    People First Leadership


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