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Ed Brodow, Speaker
  • Communication.
  • Persuasion and Negotiation.

    Ed Brodow

    The King of Negotiation


    Ed Brodow was ranked by Forbes Magazine as one of the world's leading experts on the art of negotiation, and as negotiation guru by PBS, ABC, Fox News, Inside Edition, and Fortune Business Report.

    He is the best-selling author of four books, including "Negotiation Boot Camp: How to Resolve Conflict, Satisfy Customers, and Make Better Deals" (Doubleday) and "Beating the Success Trap: Negotiating for the Life You Really Want and the Rewards You Deserve" (HarperCollins).

    As a keynote speaker and seminar leader, Ed has enthralled more than 1000 audiences in Bogota, Sao Paulo, Tokyo, Paris, Athens, Toronto, and New York, with his charismatic stage presence, infectious humor, and practical ideas on negotiation and success. Ed's client list includes El Tiempo de Bogota, Proteccion Pension Plans, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, Starbucks, Learjet, Raytheon, Philips, Hyatt, The Gap, Revlon, Zurich Insurance, Mobil Oil, the IRS, and the Pentagon.

    As a film actor, Ed has appeared in American and European motion pictures with starring roles opposite Jessica Lange, Ron Howard, and Christopher Reeve. When you book Ed as your speaker, you are ensuring that your audience will be in the right frame of mind to maximize their experience of your meeting or convention. Your audience will be:

    • Charmed by Ed's charismatic stage presence, unforgettable stories, and infectious humor derived from his colorful show business background.
    • Motivated by Ed's practical content and helpful ideas, derived from his vast business experience and complemented by his standing as a negotiation expert and television personality.
    • Impressed with Ed's extensive customization; he cares enough to do his homework about your group and your industry.


    Negotiating For The Life You Really Want

    Ed debunks the myths of success as he shows your audience how to lead a more personally fulfilling life. Based on his new book, "Beating the Success Trap", this is Ed's formula for dealing with employee malaise, increased turnover, and decreased productivity. He uses real-life examples to model how each of us can redefine success so we can create a healthy lifestyle that fits our own preferences.

    How To Be A World-Class Negotiator

    Ed's leading-edge ideas on negotiating will show you how to create successful business relationships. His message is that negotiation works best as a collaboration instead of a contest. "If the other side isn't happy, you haven't won." Trust develops when you acknowledge the other side's perspective and explore options for mutual satisfaction. If both sides feel satisfied, everything is possible.

    Negotiation Boot Camp

    This workshop is built around customized, interactive role-playing case studies, supported by lecture, discussion, and entertaining video clips. Content ranges from the traditional concepts of hardball negotiating to cutting-edge material that includes The Three Rules for Win-Win Negotiating and techniques for communicating constructively.


    Beating The Success Trap Negotiation Boot Camp
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