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Doug Hall, Speaker
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    Doug Hall

    World Renowned Inventor and Creative Thinker


    Research indicates that the average American home contains eighteen products or services Doug Hall and his team have had a hand in inventing and / or developing.

    Doug Hall is the Founder and CEO of Eureka! Inventing, a corporate think tank dedicated to turning the art of innovation into a reliable science. From their offices in Cincinnati, Ohio and Oxford, Doug and his team have earned the accolades of some of the biggest corporations in the world including American Express, The Ford Motor Company, Nike and Walt Disney.

    Doug began his entrepreneurial career at the age twelve producing and marketing a line of magic and juggling kits. After earning a degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Maine, he spent ten years working for Procter & Gamble, where he rose to the rank of Master Marketing Inventor and set a corporate record developing and introducing nine new business initiatives in a twelve-month period.

    Doug is a best-selling author of "Jump Start Your Business Brain", "Jump Start Your Marketing Brain", "Jump Start Your Creative Brain", and the host of Brain Brew Radio. Inc Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, A&E Top 10 and Dateline NBC named Doug as One of America's Top Innovation Experts. He donates his time, talents and money to help entrepreneurs and non-profits through his Planet Eureka! Foundation and his Brain Brew public radio program.

    In recognition of his original research in the fields of Marketing and Innovation, Doug was awarded an honorary Doctorate degree by the University of Prince Edward Island in Canada. He and his wife Debbie split the year between their historic homestead in Cincinnati Ohio and their restored farmhouse in Springbrook, Prince Edward Island, Canada.


    Jump Start Your Business Brain

    A high-energy program including keynote content and idea generation tailored to the client's goals and requirements. Steps designed to help the audience become more creative business-wise outside of the workshop walls are also covered, lending plenty of take-away in this anything but boring presentation. Win more, lose less and make more money with the blended marketing and innovation principles Doug has perfected.

    Jump Start Your Marketing Brain

    Doug's simple laws of Marketing Physics are laid out in simple, memorable case studies and are backed up with all the hard data you would expect from the founder of a world-renowned think-tank. Participants in this presentation filled with ideas and advice find that they are able to accomplish more in the realm of branding and understand more about the world of the everyday consumer.

    Jump Start Your Creative Brain

    This set of three principles will help you think quicker and smarter, giving all your business initiatives that cutting-edge credibility. Your projects will begin welcoming creative input and your team will have the tools to find a balance between the left brain and the right brain. Doug produces more cold, hard facts from personal research to fully support his dynamic tenets of creativity.

    North Pole Tenderfoot

    North Pole Tenderfoot is a classic story of leadership, courage and resilience. It's a re-creation of the Public Lecture that Admiral Peary performed following his historic 1909 expedition. This reality theater event features 300 stunning color images and authentic arctic audio & video. Plus, it includes never before shown audio and images of Admiral Peary from the National Geographic Archives and the Library of the U.S Congress.


    Jump Start Your Business Brain Jump Start Your Marketing Brain Meaningful Marketing
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